10 Reasons to Date a Girl

What are the 10 Reasons to Date a Girl? When you meet an attractive girl, one of the first questions that pops into your head is why should I date her?

There are many reasons to date a girl, whether it’s an amazing personality, intelligence, or beauty, there’s something special about the fairer sex that makes them so desirable. Here are 10 reasons to date a girl and some helpful tips on how to woo her properly!


1) They make life worth living

Women make life worth living. They make it worth getting out of bed every morning, worth putting up with our jobs, worth putting up with all of life’s annoyances. They make our day brighter, they bring joy to every activity we do and they’re a constant source of entertainment.

There’s no reason to date a girl if you can’t agree on that sentiment—why date a girl if your life is better without her? That might sound harsh, but it’s true: If you don’t find value in being around women, there are many other activities and hobbies you could pursue that would be more fulfilling than dating.

For example, take up skydiving or rock climbing—at least those activities will give you something to brag about when others ask about your love life!

2) Girls will give you something to fight for

If you’re single, then you probably remember that panicked feeling of looking for a date to a wedding. Or maybe it was an engagement party, or a baby shower—anyway, that moment when you realize: everyone else is in couples and I don’t have anyone to go with.

So why not ask someone on a date? If nothing else, having something to fight for will give your life some meaning and purpose. And who knows? The next time someone asks you what your goals are in life, you can say I’m fighting for love! (And yes, we get that joke gets old after awhile—but it’s still pretty funny.) Okay—maybe it’s not a real reason to date girls but hopefully it helped make our point.

3) They like surprises

Some might say that men should surprise their date, and that surprises are a great reason to date a girl. Surprises are often more memorable than gifts (i.e., the more personal, it is, the better), and thus can provide a deeper experience for both parties.

Plus, surprising someone is fun for you—after all, you’re basically being creative and playing make-believe—and it will be fun for her as well. Any thoughtful surprises she receives from you will leave her wanting to see what else you have in store!

4) They won’t cheat on you

The number one reason to date a girl is because you won’t have to worry about your girl cheating on you. All girls can be emotional and that’s all fine and good, but some are just a little too emotional. The average guy will get cheated on 1 in 5 times by his significant other and when you start dating a girl there’s no way of knowing if she has an evil streak in her, or she is just simply emotional.

The Girls won't cheat on you-Reasons to Date a Girl

You’ll never know who your girlfriend may end up cheating with so why even risk it? If you go out with girls, cheatiness can still happen! But those kinds of things happen less often than it does with men.

5) You can have fun with them

From a young age, boys and girls are taught to be their own gender’s counterpart. They’re told to conform, dress a certain way, play with certain toys, and spend time with different people. As a result, many of us grow up thinking that men only have fun when they’re hanging out with other men, or that women can’t have fun when they’re not surrounded by other women.

But dating someone of your own gender is just as much fun as dating someone who’s different than you. If you’ve never tried it before—or if you just need a reminder—here are some reasons to date a girl!

6) They support you, especially when no one else does

In a world that’s often cruel and selfish, one of my favorite reasons to date a girl is her loyalty. If you feel down or discouraged, she’ll be there to pick you up. This can happen even when no one else in your life does. Her support helps you power through difficult times, including those when you might otherwise lose heart. This is not only about being her boyfriend but also about being her friend as well.

Reason To date a girl-Tastefullspace

Especially brown girls are loyal than other girls, if you want to know how to date brown girl just check out the mentioned post.

The most beautiful love stories are built on mutual support, and relationships between women can be especially supportive; we give our partners back rubs when they’re stressed out or leave them treats while they’re studying or do things just because we know they’ll make them happy!

7) They always have your back

A relationship is always a two-way street, but it always helps to have someone who’s in your corner. The reason you date a girl isn’t because she’s there when you need her or because she shares your love of water polo.

It’s because she looks out for you and makes sure that everyone in your circle is doing right by you. Whether it’s a future best friend or your long-term girlfriend, they always have your back and make sure that those closest to you are treating you right. Be thankful for them – and don’t take their help for granted!

8) Girls love deeply and generously

You may think you know what love is, but wait until you fall in love with a girl. You’ll probably see it all in a new light. Girls appreciate little gestures and thoughtful notes more than anyone else—and that’s partly because we genuinely enjoy those things. Girls love deeply and generously, which is why girls also have a heart for service.

When we’re happy and healthy, we tend to want to be of service to others! This is great news for guys: when girls are happy, she’ll want to show you off, not just keep you around for herself. Those are just 10 reasons to date a girl! Now go out there and find yourself one!

9) True love (which every man deserves) doesn’t exist without respect from both sides.

True love doesn’t exist without respect from both sides. Of course, when it comes to dating a girl, there are more reasons to date girls than just respect and love. At least 10 good reasons to date a girl. Reasons like fun, flirting, and making memories—and what is life without fun?

After all, you’re only young once! If you’re ready to find a new girlfriend and experience these beautiful things then read on…

10) She might be the mother of your child.

It might seem a little too obvious to include motherhood on the list of reasons to date a girl, but before you dismiss it out of hand, think about what’s at stake. Children benefit greatly from being raised by both of their parents and the bond you form with your future child will be just as strong if you meet their mother early in your life. So do yourself (and the woman) a favor and date a girl who could be a candidate for becoming a parent—at least, once she knows her own mind.

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