10 Reasons Why Eyes Dry After Shower

10 Reasons Why Eyes Dry After Shower. As you take your shower, your body gets rid of waste and toxins with the help of warm water and soap. After the water runs out, you might feel like your eyes are burning or dry; this sensation isn’t usually pleasant, and it can make it harder to get ready in the morning if you suffer from it regularly.

Learn more about why your eyes dry after shower and how to prevent this uncomfortable condition with these 10 tips.


1) The change in humidity

Here’s why eyes can feel dry after showering: change in humidity. When we take a shower, our body needs to adjust to changing temperature and humidity levels—and it can be more difficult for some people than others.

If you spend a lot of time outdoors, it’s likely that your body is already used to shifting temperatures, but low-humidity environments may lead to more discomfort when you return from showering. The key is flexibility and a willingness to experiment with what works best for your body—and don’t forget about humidifiers.

2) Low Quality Skin Moisturizers

With so many moisturizers on shelves, finding quality products is not always easy. Eye creams that don’t have adequate emollients can dry out eyes after showering. When skin is dry and irritated, it will be much more likely to create oil and become greasy than it would normally. Using moisturizers with high concentrations of water-soluble hyaluronic acid helps skin maintain its natural balance and keep from drying out.

It is a great preventative against eye bags or crows feet and even wrinkles around your eyes! In order to get rid of eye bags, it is important to prevent them in the first place by using high quality moisturizer for the entire face and avoiding cheaper options that lack nourishing ingredients for your sensitive skin area.

3) Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover

Nothing is worse than having eyes that are dry and puffy after a shower. Instead of subjecting your delicate skin to harsh chemicals, try using olive oil to remove waterproof eye makeup. Make sure you’re getting extra-virgin stuff; it’s far better for your skin.

Even better, use warm water mixed with a little sugar to dissolve eye makeup quickly and gently. And don’t forget to protect your lashes! Try using an oil-free eyelash curler before applying mascara; after all, healthy lashes are beautiful lashes.

4) No Post-Shower Home Care

Post-shower home care is important because it’s really hard to get all of your skin, let alone your eyes, fully clean while in a shower stall. Instead of just rinsing off with some body wash and quickly drying off, take two minutes to do a little bit more.

Wash your face as you normally would with a gentle cleanser, then finish up by patting on a good amount of moisturizer—we like The Ordinary for its price and quality. This step is so easy and takes no time at all but could have huge benefits for your eyes.

5) Skin Irritation Due to Hot Water

Hot water can quickly dry out skin and hair, which is why we recommend that people not spend too much time showering or bathing. But if you do have to bathe, make sure to moisturize your skin afterward. A little bit of lotion after a shower will go a long way toward preventing skin dryness and flaking (and eye dryness).

Skin Irritation Dry Eyes After Shower-Tastefullspace

If you’ve recently switched shampoos or body washes, you may want to put off taking another shower for a few days until your new products are fully absorbed by your body. Chances are, however, that irritation is due to hot water and nothing else.

6) Improper Eye Makeup Removal

One of most common reasons why eyes dry after shower is improper makeup removal. Most people use a traditional face wash when removing their makeup, but doing so can dry out your eyes.

If you wear eye makeup, consider using a solution that was formulated specifically for eye makeup removal to keep your peepers from drying out after a long day at work or school. (Wondering which solutions are best? Check out our list of 7 Best Eye Makeup Removers to Buy Online for a more in-depth look soon.)

7) Impaired Tear Flow

If your eyes dry after shower, it’s probably because of impeded tear flow. The front line of defense against dry eye is tear film. Tears carry nutrients to and from your cornea, as well as flush away waste material that accumulates there.

They also keep your cornea lubricated and prevent it from drying out—which can have a cascading effect on your vision: if you don’t have enough moisture in your eyes to keep them from drying out, they may become inflamed and start acting more like a windscreen wiper than a clear window onto the world; they will then take longer to focus, become more sensitive to bright light and so on.

8) Excessive Bathing/Skin Care Products

Excessive bathing and skin care products can dry out your eyes. The use of showering gels, liquid soaps and lotions can be too harsh on your eye area. This results in inflammation, which makes your eyes dry after shower. To avoid dry eyes after shower, it is recommended to use warm water instead of hard water when washing your face or body.

If you have sensitive skin, then you should choose milder skin cleansers for daily use. Your doctor may also recommend specific eye creams that are formulated specifically for people with dry eyes following showering or bathing.

9) Use of Facial Cleansers, Gels and Lotions on the Eyelids

For example, when you cleanse your face with a facial cleanser and the product gets into your eyes, it can dry out your eyelids. Facial cleansers and gels are formulated to remove makeup, dirt and oil from the skin and may be too harsh for the eyelids.

Likewise, using a lotion after showering may also cause dryness of the skin on your eyelids. A lotion’s purpose is to moisturize but if you use too much, or if your face is very oily in nature, then the cream will get into your eyes during the shower and make them feel dry afterward. To prevent eye irritation after a shower, avoid cleansing or moisturizing directly near or on your eyes.

10) Eyelash Growth Products

It’s no secret that we like our eyelashes long, thick and jet-black. For most of us, however, an eyelash growth product is out of reach due to factors such as affordability and accessibility. In some cases it can be a combination of both.

I found that after showering my eyes would dry up to a point where they were impossible to keep open. The other day while drying off I had realized why that was happening. There are many reasons why your eyes dry after shower including products you may be using on your face.

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