10 Top Pro Ana Tips For Beginners

Before we start with Pro Ana Tips for beginners, let us understand what is Pro Ana basically.

What’s pro ana? Anorexia nervosa, also known as anorexia, is an eating disorder that involves self-starvation and extreme weight loss. People with anorexia have a strong desire to lose weight by refusing to eat enough food, by eating very small quantities of low-calorie foods, or by engaging in obsessive calorie counting and overexercising.

Although there are many misconceptions about pro ana tips and how to lose weight, not all of these tips are unhealthy or dangerous to your health.


1) Set your goals

We’ve all heard that setting goals is an important part of weight loss and healthy living. Even if you don’t plan to write them down, you should still be asking yourself how you want to achieve your weight-loss goal (Are you going to lose 2 pounds a week? Lose 10 pounds total? Are you looking to get fit, improve your endurance or build strength?).

Then write those goals down! Even if it’s just a list of short-term milestones in a journal or notebook, marking them down will help keep you on track throughout your journey. And remember: Make sure your goals are realistic—it’s better to set smaller goals that are easy to achieve than shoot for something so big that it becomes overwhelming.

2) Get on a schedule

Once you’ve got a routine, you won’t have to spend so much time thinking about what to eat. At that point, making good food choices becomes second nature—the type of thing you can do without really thinking about it. Ideally, you should schedule your workouts into your calendar at least a week in advance and make sure that they are on repeat (every day, every other day, etc.) so that you don’t have to think about when to exercise.

You should also schedule your meals into your calendar and make sure that they are consistent with whatever plan you come up with (this is important). Once all of these things are set up and scheduled, it becomes easy and second nature.

3) Exercise

Exercise is perhaps one of pro ana’s most underestimated forms of therapy. Exercise releases endorphins, which will make you feel happier and less inclined to binge or purge. It also burns off stress, which often leads people to turning to food as a coping mechanism. Pro ana websites are full of tips on how to exercise without bulking up, so check out some different options and see what works best for you.

Pro Ana Tips for Beginners

If you really don’t like exercise, try taking a walk each day, or swimming if your pool has lanes specifically designated for swimmers who aren’t doing laps. You can even just play catch with a friend or go jogging with your dog; anything counts as long as it gets your body moving!

4) Set realistic expectations

You have to set realistic expectations; Some people set unrealistic expectations which hurt a lot if the expectations are not met. As a beginner, it’s easy to get too excited about losing weight. You might decide that you want to lose 15 pounds in two weeks. Or maybe you think that if you cut out all carbohydrates, you can lose 10 pounds in a week. Both of these expectations are completely unrealistic and will only set you up for disappointment when your diet doesn’t work out as quickly as you thought it would.

5) Think positive thoughts

People who have issues with eating disorders like anorexia, bulimia and binge eating disorder are often very self-critical and hard on themselves. If you’re suffering from an eating disorder or you’re at risk of developing one, avoid being overly critical of yourself; try to think positive thoughts about yourself.

Feeling good about yourself is crucial to making progress in recovery. Working towards accepting who you are and coming to terms with past mistakes will enable you to move forward with your life—and that’s when healing can begin.

6) Avoid yo-yo dieting

To lose weight and keep it off, avoid yo-yo dieting. Just like how you wouldn’t want to get into a car with no brakes, you don’t want to start a diet that doesn’t have long-term success in mind. Yo-yo dieting is typically defined as losing a lot of weight only to gain it all back and then some. This not only increases your risk of health problems, but it can make losing future weight even harder.

To lose weight safely and sustainably, focus on changing your lifestyle. Look at exercise as part of your life rather than a temporary fix for reaching a certain number on a scale. If you want to learn about healthy eating habits, check out our guide on Healthy Eating Habits.

7) Eat plenty of protein (and drink protein shakes!)

Eating enough protein is a basic building block to proper nutrition, which can be especially important if you’re trying to lose weight. Protein helps fill you up and keep you feeling full. To build muscle tissue, your body needs amino acids—the protein in foods like eggs, chicken breast, lean steak, fish and Greek yogurt. You should aim to consume 0.5-0.7 grams of protein per pound of body weight every day.

8) Drink water, but only when you’re thirsty!

Drink eight glasses of water a day is a commonly-repeated advice, but experts say it’s inaccurate: you only need about 1.5 liters a day, and drinking more water than that doesn’t actually give you any health benefits. The key is to pay attention to your body—if you feel thirsty, drink some water; if not, don’t worry about it. (So then why do we say drink eight glasses of water a day? The truth is, no one really knows!)

9) Enjoy treats in moderation

Moderation is the key to maintaining a healthy diet. So, don’t ban treats altogether—just enjoy them in moderation. For example, if you usually eat dessert every night of the week, try planning it so that you only have it once or twice a week. You can also switch from sugar-filled treats to sugar-free ones, like sugarless gum or an all-natural fruit spread. Plus, drink plenty of water; when your body gets dehydrated and low on electrolytes, cravings can kick in.

10) Don’t starve yourself!

While it’s not uncommon to starve yourself in an attempt to lose weight, don’t fall into that trap. The problem with starving yourself is that your body responds by slowing down your metabolism to conserve energy, which makes losing weight even harder. Instead of trying to go on a strict diet where you severely limit calories, focus on building healthier eating habits by replacing higher-calorie foods with lower-calorie alternatives.

That way, when you do eat something like pizza or fried chicken that’s not exactly healthy, it won’t be quite as bad for you as if you had eaten it every day. I hope you will now understand about what is pro ana and pro ana tips for beginners.

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