Drinking Beer With A Straw

Drinking Beer with a Straw? The best way to drink beer is with a straw. If you’re among the 70% of Americans who drink beer, or if you just want to know how to drink beer with a straw, here’s how you can do it right and make sure that your glass doesn’t look like this when you’re done…


Why Use A Straw?

Drinking beer through a straw is one of the best ways to drink beer. Let’s be honest, drinking beer through a straw sound is absolutely dumb. But do yourself a favor and try it at least once. You’ll quickly see why drinking beer with a straw is one of the best ways to drink beer, as you won’t get all that nasty foam in your mouth.

And there’s no arguing—foam is bad! It doesn’t taste great and can make you feel like you have to take another shower (this makes your mouth dry). When drinking with a straw, you eliminate all that nasty foam and just drink delicious wine; Who wouldn’t want that?

How to drink out of a can

Before we get into drinking beer with a straw, let’s first look at how to drink out of a can. If you don’t have a proper beer glass and you want to enjoy your suds like an adult, these are three simple steps.

  • First, hold your drink upright as you open it; if you fail to do so, carbonation could fizz over your hand—definitely not how you want to spend your evening.
  • Then remove its cap with one hand while holding its base steady with another; otherwise, you could accidentally spray liquid in your eye or all over yourself.
  • Lastly (and most importantly), chug! (Here’s what happens when strangers on Instagram share their alcohol.)

How to Drink Out Of A Bottle

The next time you enjoy a bottle of beer, try using a straw to drink out of it. Why? Many people find that drinking out of a bottle with a straw is more enjoyable than using their mouth or using a bottle opener, which can add needless hassle. There are two different methods for drinking beer with a straw depending on how much beer is left in your bottle.

One method will ensure you don’t spill any beer while enjoying your beverage, and will also allow you to eliminate an additional step by not having to remove excess foam. If there’s still beer in your bottle after pouring into your glass, use a plastic spoon to scoop out any leftover foam from inside your now-empty glass.

How To Drink Out Of Glass

Drinking out of a glass is much better than drinking out of cans, bottles, and any other form of beer. Drinking beer out of glasses will help you enjoy your beer in many ways. Glassware is more common in bars so you will get to practice and enhance your knowledge while enjoying good times with your friends.

Drinking Beer With A Straw-Tastefullspace

We will write several articles (in near future) on how to drink beer from a glass so feel free to check those articles for tips as well. We hope that drinking from a glass enhances your overall drinking experience! Drinking beer through a straw has been mentioned as one of best ways to drink it in general but using glasses is perhaps even better especially if you are going for something with higher alcohol content since stronger drinks (especially spirits) are even better when taken cold and slow.

Best Way to Drink Beer, My Opinion

The best way to drink beer is from a glass. You don’t want to drink beer from a bottle because you can’t smell or taste it properly. However, if drinking out of a glass isn’t an option for you, you can drink beer from a straw. If you do use a straw to drink your beer, be sure that it’s clean and sanitary. Also, don’t let it touch your lips as it could transfer germs and make you sick.

Remember: The best way to enjoy good old-fashioned suds is from an actual glass; drinking straight from a tap doesn’t offer the same fresh experience in aroma and flavor.

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