If you are someone who is into marketing then you might have probably heard of the term media kit. If you are an author who is willing to become famous then you need to know what this is.

You might have also heard that these kinds of kits are available in digital format and sometimes they can also be available online on the author’s website. 

So, let us find out in detail what is a media kit for authors and how can that help you to build media relationships.



A media kit is a kit for the media that is going to help them with relevant information whenever they are trying to publish or put out a story about a media personality. 

This personality can be an actor, influencer, businessman and anybody else who has their stories in the news and in media outlets, this can also be an author.

A media kit is not a necessity but it can be quite useful for the media team as well as for you if you are promoting your book or before a book launch. 

A media kit is basically a marketing tool that can be utilised quite well because when you are sending out your media kit you can control whatever information is in that kit. 

This is important because you do not want any misinformation without your consent and creating an author press kit or media kit can be quite beneficial. 

A media kit is usually sent out to all the relevant news outlets that are trying to cover your book launch and it can even be sent out to places where you are going to pitch your book. 

Perhaps you are going on a podcast, or physical live event and you want the cover picture of your book along with your picture to be in the perfect resolution, then the media kit can be helpful. 

While looking at sample author media kits can be useful, let us find out definitely how to create author press kits or media kits and learn all the important elements of how to create a professional author media kit. 



If you are going to create a media kit then you can create it only once but for the best effect you must create it anytime you are writing a new book and launching it.

However, there is a bit of information that is going to remain unchanged or changed very little and that is going to be information about the author.

This is one of the most important elements of the media kit because whatever you are going to present in the author’s information, it will be showcased to the world and that is why you must be able to do it properly. 

The first and most important thing that you need in the author’s information is a professional picture of you taken by a professional.  

Some might say that you need a headshot photo but you can get away with any photo taken in portrait orientation and it does not need to be headshot oriented.

The second most important thing should be your author bio. You must keep it concise and to the point but you must make sure that the author bio contains everything about your life.

The author bio should specifically focus on your inspiration behind becoming an author and it should emphasize your decision of taking this profession seriously.

After the author’s bio would be the important details that are going to be used to contact you.  This should contain everything from the usual website URL to social media URLs and of course email id.

If you are a professional who has been an author for a long time then you can even include an address where media people can come for an interview. 

These are some of the basic things that you must include in your author’s information. You must also include your agent’s contact details. 


This is going to be information about the current book that you are launching and there are a few important things that you must include.

The first and most important thing that you must include should be the book’s cover image. You can put the highest resolution if you want. 

The second most important thing should be the synopsis of the book and that should be followed by the title as well as the genre and then the page count. 

You must include other important details such as the ISBN, also the publication date, as well as the price and you, must mention all the formats it is available in. You must also put links where people can buy it. 

This should be basically enough details for any media; however, you can choose to include a sample of any chapter so that they can get an idea about the book.

You must remember to never include a complete chapter and it must only be perhaps two pages.


You can include a lot of things in the marketing material and that can include everything from any promotional material such as videos that you have created as well as any promotional pictures.

You can also have a tagline or any headline that you would want in the marketing and you must also include a very short version of a summary.

You must also be sure to have a few quotes. These quotes should be related to the book because then they can be utilised by the marketing house.

You can also include talking points but you must make sure only to include this if the media house asks for it for an interview.


Now that you have included every important information, you must now include information about all the other books that you have written.

It should be in the order of the second last book and it must go from there.

You can choose not to include every detail about all the other books because they are not the focus but you can choose to include simple details that will help them understand your kind of work. 

Now that you have all the information in one place you simply need to bundle it together in a simple PDF copy and keep it neat and clean and easy to navigate so that the media house might be able to access it easily. 

You do not need to make it pretty because it is professional material and nobody is going to see your creativity but of course, if you want to you can put in your personal touch. 

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