How to Date a Brown Girl in 5 Easy Steps

How to date a brown girl? If you don’t know how to date a brown girl, the more specific question might be easier to answer—you don’t want to be rude or patronizing, but you also don’t want to give the impression that you see her as different or less than other women.

To avoid alienating her and building resentment, here are five steps you can take to start dating a brown girl with ease.


Step 1: Have a great time at the bar

Girls are attracted to guys who can have a great time at the bar. So, if you want to date a brown girl, get comfortable and have fun at the bar. Talk to some friends and be social. If it looks like she’s having a good time then start talking to her.

And remember – never rush things! Start off by asking how she’s doing, what her name is and ask if you can buy her a drink (or something else small). Because of your approach, as well as your awesome conversation skills, she’ll be more than happy to tell you all about herself. She might even let you take her out on an actual date soon!

Step 2: Lead her home

Women are incredibly capable. Leading a woman home shouldn’t be difficult. Make sure you open any doors for her on your way out and if you’re driving, don’t take away her independence by parking at her destination. If she lives alone, walk her to her door or to wherever she needs to go (her car, a foyer). Be sweet. Be yourself. Be confident!

She may not want your kiss at first but give it time and she will come around! Congrats, you’ve just successfully dated a brown girl! Now it’s time to decide if there will be a second date…. But that’s another story for another day. Good luck dating brown girls!

Step 3: Keep it simple, stupid

Keep it simple, stupid, right? Never get too complicated when it comes to dating someone, especially if you’re trying to date a brown girl. Dating outside of your race can seem a bit awkward at first and you might not know how to handle certain situations, but don’t fret. The steps below will guide you through a simple process for dating brown girls.

Keep It Simple While Date A Brown Girl-Tastefullspace

If all else fails, remember: be patient with yourself and others—it’s just about being open-minded and willing to try new things! Trust me: when I say it gets easier, I mean it gets easier. (As told to Saideh Jamshidi)

Step 4: Make sure she doesn’t freak out

To date a brown girl, you have to make sure she doesn’t panic. She can be a little confused and doesn’t like to talk about her feelings, so if you don’t pay attention to her, your chances of dating are pretty slim. Even though she’s tough as nails at first glance, brown girls need time to open up and fall in love. If you try to rush things, it will never work so take your time.

Be truthful and honest; Brown girls take care of it the most. And beware of people who are only interested in you because of the paganism of their race! That’s not what we’re looking for here!

Step 5: Start again tomorrow night

Dating a brown girl is hard, but like most things, dating a brown girl gets easier with practice. If you start again tomorrow night (or maybe even tonight) and repeat steps 1–4 with a fresh mind and an open heart, you might be surprised by how much progress you’ve made by date three or four.

You might actually have fun along the way! Or not! Maybe it’ll still be hard! But that’s okay because at least you tried—and hey, after all, isn’t that what dating is all about? Good luck out there.

My Opinion

A lot of people ask me how to date a brown girl like me. They want to know what I look for in a man and how they can get my attention. So here it is, all my secrets laid on one table: *Find a common interest that you both enjoy and show interest! *Step 1: Once you find your soul mate, be sure to show him you’re interested by asking questions about himself.

For example, ask her about her passions, goals, and dreams. Also try to take your girl on a date that isn’t just about sex; Having an intellectual conversation also works wonders for a relationship. *So always be yourself but also find common interests that can help strengthen any relationship. As far as dating goes, I think everyone should take their time and make sure they are with someone who shares the same values.

There will certainly be times when one person may feel more strongly about an issue or topic than another but ultimately everyone has a right to their opinion, so respect that! It is important for couples to understand each other’s feelings because if two people are not on the same page then how can one move on? To have a successful relationship you need two mature adults who share similar opinions, beliefs and goals.

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