How to Enable TikTok Auto Captions Step-by-Step?

TikTok, one of the fastest-growing social media giants, has a billion active users. The app enables its users to create and post short-form videos. Hence, it provides multiple engaging features. Utilizing them, TikTok creators are creating remarkable videos and having fun. The multi-billion-user app has numerous interactive features, like stitches, duets, voice-overs, filters, and more.

If you want to enhance your content qualities, it is essential to include these built-in features in your TikTok videos. By doing so, your content might go viral on the app. Additionally, you can share your TikToks on other famous apps by availing TikScoop and downloading your content in HD quality. This helps in downloading your content without any watermarks.

One of the engaging features of TikTok is the Auto Captions feature. Some TikTok audiences might watch TikToks in silent mode. In that case, how will you understand a video where its sound is as crucial as the visual? As a content creator, you need to make your content accessible to your followers. That is why TikTok has released the Auto Captions feature. Let’s see how to enable it step-by-step.

TikTok Auto Captions

Auto captions on TikTok are subtitles that are generated automatically and displayed on a video. Audiences who watch that video can read the audio transcription.

The auto-captions feature will make your TikTok videos more inclusive and accessible by enabling audiences to listen to read content. This feature isn’t only useful for audiences who have a hard time hearing but also for those who watch TikTok with audio off.

TikTok creators need to enable this feature while creating content, and they can even edit the captions for accuracy before sharing. Audiences also have the choice of enabling auto-captions off or on. Let us see how to turn this feature on and off.

Reasons to Use TikTok Auto Captions

As we all know, quality content is the key factor on the TikTok platform. Hence, create high-quality TikTok videos and post them on other channels. In order to cross-promote your TikTok content, you may utilize the free tiktok video downloader and download it with outstanding quality. After that, you can post the downloaded content on platforms like YouTube and Instagram.

#1 Grabbing attention instantly and engaging audiences.

#2 Boosting average watch time and impressions of videos.

#3 Controlling caption accuracy compared to auto captions.

#4 Increasing accessibility for all TikTok audiences.

#5 Making videos easier to understand in unknown languages.

#6 Translating content captions into various languages for broader exposure.

Steps to Activate TikTok Auto Captions

Step 1: Record your video content as you would usually. But stay on the editing screen because that is where the TikTok caption feature will be.

Step 2: In the set of options, click on the option Captions, which is located below the list.

Step 3: Now agree to the terms and conditions and tick the option near the bottom.

Step 4: Click Turn on Captions.

Step 5: After some time, you will see the text that was captured below. You can scroll and click on the Save option at the top.

Step 6: Now post your video as you would usually.

Steps to Edit TikTok Auto Captions

Step 1: When TikTok auto-captions show at the bottom of your videos, click the Pencil symbol.

Step 2: Choose the caption line you want to edit and make the required changes.

Step 3: Click the Play option that is at the right side of the caption to hear the audio.

Step 4: Click Save, which is at the top, and you will be back to the previous screen.

Step 5: Hit Save again and continue to share your video content.

5 Reasons Why TikTok Captions Can Be Beneficial to Boost Engagement

#1. Audiences who are hard of hearing may enjoy your TikTok videos if you’ve activated the auto-captions feature.

#2. People who cannot understand your videos’ language may use TikTok auto-captions to understand what’s being said.

#3. Videos with captions enabled are useful for audiences who would like to watch videos without sound.

#4. If you want to make your videos get recognition from a wider demographic, adding auto-captions to them can play a major role.

#5. Auto-captions can help increase your TikTok account’s overall engagement. Because if they search for a keyword and you have included that keyword in your content, it will make it discoverable.

Winding Up

The TikTok platform’s features are totally new to the social media world. Many social media platforms have taken inspiration from TikTok while developing their features. But no one can beat TikTok’s effective and creative in-built features.

TikTok auto-captions are integral in case you need to scroll through your home feed on TikTok with your volume off. The auto-captions feature also acts as a vital accessibility one that is especially useful for audiences who are hard of hearing. Additionally, utilize the above article to find out how to enable TikTok auto-captions step-by-step.

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