Top 10 things to do if you meet an international playboy in the world

If you ever have the chance to meet an international playboy in the world, it will be undoubtedly one of the most exciting moments of your life. You should know that they are the most successful and attractive men in the world!

But before you grab your passport and fly to their country, make sure you know these 10 things about them first! You don’t want to accidentally offend them or embarrass yourself if you meet one someday! Here’s what every international playboy in the world has taught me about men…


1) Get acquainted

When dating a new guy, it’s important to take some time getting acquainted. Keep these tips in mind when meeting someone new. Here are some basic things I learned while getting acquainted with international men that make all men different than each other. This is not a rule book but more of something I noticed when chatting with many guys online over 6 years:

  1. He is loyal, loving and honest man
  2. He is nice and takes care of his family
  3. Likes nature, animals and children
  4. Likes sports
  5. Likes listening music (any kind except rap or hardcore music that talks about drugs, sex etc.)
  6. Loves adventures
  7. Loves humor
  8. Hates liars
  9. Hates gossipers
  10. Likes sincerity : )

2) Hang Out with Him

The first thing a playboy will want to do is party, so don’t be surprised when he grabs your hand and leads you straight for a club or bar. If partying isn’t your scene, feel free to bail out on him here. But don’t worry: You won’t lose his number or see him again; he has plenty of other fish in his sea.

If a guy approaches you at one of these places, let him buy you a drink. No matter how much money he has, it is not worth your time or attention to complain about paying for something small like that.

3) Build Trust

A common misstep people make when they first start dating is worrying too much about what they’re going to say. In fact, meeting someone new can be scary—and it’s totally normal to be nervous. Your brain will probably go into overdrive trying to figure out how everything’s going to go—you’ll worry about whether your date will like you, or if you like them enough.

Build Trust When You Meet International Playboy in the World

If a talkative person isn’t your style and a quiet one makes you nervous, it doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with either of those people; instead, focus on yourself and what interests you have in common with them. It’s also key that as soon as possible, build trust between both of you.

4) Ask Direct Questions

You can use direct questions as a way to steer and keep conversations going. For example, if your boss is telling you about something that happened at work and asks what you think, your response will be far more interesting than Interesting, or Wow.

Instead, try asking him or her a few questions back: What happened? How did that make you feel? That approach not only keeps both of you actively engaged in conversation, but it also allows for two-way discussion—and there’s no chance for awkward silences!

5) Get in His Circle of Friends

Gaining his friendship is key. If he can get close enough, eventually he’ll be able to get into business deals with powerful contacts and/or even date celebrities that are in his group of friends. This will only enhance his image even more and make him appear like a powerful man with a lot of opportunities at his fingertips.

Be careful not to become too attached or show your true feelings too early in a relationship with him, as he might lose interest quickly due to all of these other potential romantic options out there for him. However, once you become one of his many circles of friends (and also happen to be physically attractive), then making contact may never have been easier!

6) Stay Calm, and Observe!

Stay Calm, and Observe! If you find yourself face-to-face with an international playboy, be sure to stay calm. It’s tempting to immediately say something like Are you lost? or Shouldn’t you be partying at a club right now?, but try instead just looking at him and observing what he does. Is he dressed formally or casually? Does he speak with a good accent? How is his posture?

Stay Calm When You Meet international playboy in the world

What kind of gestures does he make? You want to get as much information as possible so that later on, when someone asks how tall he was or what color his eyes were, you can give them a good answer!

7) Chat up Other Girls He Chats Up

When chatting up women, international playboys are careful not to chat up another girl when he’s already interacting with one—it could make him look bad. If you think a guy may be an international playboy, watch how he acts when other girls are around. If he makes it a point to flirt with other girls while talking to one of his conquests, it’s most likely that she’s just one of many.

To keep yourself from getting hurt, turn your back on an international playboy by cutting off contact as soon as possible. Remember: It may feel hard at first but there are plenty of real gentlemen out there who won’t make you feel like a mistress. Keep looking and you’ll find them!

8) Get Outside Help from a Private Investigator

While I can’t speak for all private investigators, there are a few tips that can be applied regardless of whether you work with one. Private investigators will have access to resources (like search engines and social media databases) that we might not. They can also find out information about someone’s past that we might not have even considered important.

For example, if your relationship ended on terrible terms, he could have contacted a lawyer or had his name changed at some point. If he was convicted of a crime, but it was expunged from his record five years ago, a PI could find out which jurisdiction oversees it and request a copy of his records anyway. In other words: Get outside help from a private investigator.

9) Find Out What He Wants From You, And Don’t Give It To Him!

One of the biggest mistakes that women make is not respecting themselves. From falling into bed with a stranger, to agreeing to give him their phone number, many women allow their guard down too soon and don’t pay attention to all of those red flags that are waving in front of them.

Don’t be that girl and learn from her mistakes! In fact, don’t date or sleep with any man until you’ve had a chance to talk first and find out what he wants from you. You’re not going out for coffee; you’re trying to figure out what kind of connection there will be.

10) Confront Him

Every woman has her own story about being cheated on. The first thing most women want to know is whether or not he actually cheated on them. If he did, it’s imperative that you get all of your feelings out there and confront him about his actions (do it without yelling or crying—even though it’s totally normal for your emotions to run high). Ask him point-blank: Did you have sex with her?

And don’t leave until he gives a straight answer. Think of it as practice for a real conversation with your husband down the road…if he ever cheats again, at least you’ll be better prepared to deal with it.

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