Partners in Love – What’s Happening to Your Body

Partners in Love – What’s Happening to Your Body? Love changes everything, and that includes your body! While you’re in love and happy, your body makes some changes to help you stay healthy, happy, and ready to fight for your mate.

Here are the top 10 physical changes in partners in love…and don’t worry, none of them are permanent! You’ll get back to normal once your relationship goes through its ups and downs or you break up.



There are many physical changes that happen when you’re falling in love and living with your partner, but many people aren’t sure what these changes actually mean. It can be hard to recognize every change, especially because it happens gradually as time goes on.

Learning about these subtle changes is important not only for your partner but also for your own health. There are a few common physical characteristics of partners-in-love that can make life easier for both of you. The following will discuss what is happening during those initial months and years of love, including weight gain and more!

Change in Appearance

Partners in love undergo change in appearance. Studies show that when someone falls in love, their testosterone levels rise, their estrogen levels fall and cortisol (the stress hormone) increases. These physical changes, which are similar to what happens when women are pregnant or nursing, have been shown to have a positive effect on your mood and overall health.

For instance, higher estrogen levels mean stronger bones and fewer chances of heart disease. Therefore partners in love experience both physical and mental health benefits of being in love.

Physical Side Effects on Hormones

New love can cause some pretty strange things to happen. You may be feeling emotionally different, or you may notice a couple physical side effects on hormones like increased energy and sleep changes.

During that first year of love, about one in three people will experience fatigue or exhaustion when they’re in love. Many people also notice changes in their sleeping patterns: for example, some find themselves staying up late at night thinking about their partner! The day after you meet your sweetheart is often when many symptoms first appear and last around 10 days. Partners in love have even been linked with higher levels of hydration and lower resting heart rates!

Mental Health Benefits

Partners in love benefit mentally, too. Loved ones can help ground us when we need it, providing that extra emotional support we don’t always give ourselves. Studies suggest that having a partner—even one with whom you have a fairly new relationship—can reduce stress and anxiety and lower blood pressure.

Partners In Love Affects Mental Health-Tastefullspace

And if one partner starts noticing some of those physical changes mentioned above, he or she may be more likely to make you feel good about your body as well! After all, there’s no better gift than encouragement from someone who really understands what you’re going through. All in all, a relationship with a loved one is just what we need when we need it most: Some tender loving care from someone who wants us and loves us for exactly who we are.

The Stages of Being In Love

First of all, know that being in love isn’t a smooth ride—it takes effort and you’ll have good days and bad. There are three common stages of being in love: initial attraction, falling in love and staying in love. The first stage is where you might experience physical changes such as increased heartbeat, sweaty palms and flushed cheeks.

This is when your thoughts revolve around only one person. The second stage involves sexual feelings for your partner that can be quite intense; however, these feelings often occur naturally during an intimate moment or when your eyes lock with his or hers across a crowded room. Last but not least, you’ll go through romantic highs and lows while trying to stay in love with your partner over time.


After reading our conclusion you must have learned a lot of new things. If you are in love and you want to know more about your body then go through our guide again. We have provided all of important details regarding partners in love. This is a great topic and we appreciate that someone has asked us for information on it. Thank you for visiting here and reading everything with so much patience.

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