Today we are going to talk about the topic that is more common than you think and we are going to talk about loneliness in a relationship.

Single people might have the perception that a stable relationship is a romantic relationship that does not have any ups and downs, but this is far from reality. 

There can be times when a relationship can flourish and also times when a relationship can diminish and This can happen for any kind of relationship including long-term relationships. 

There can be many definitions for this and if you ask any relationship therapist or psychologist, they will have terminologies for it such as dismissive-avoidant attachment etc. 

However, let us explain this phenomenon in a way that is simpler and easier to understand. 




One of the most common reasons why you might be feeling lonely in your relationship is the burden of expectations.

It is totally normal to have expectations and it is also normal to expect that your expectations will be met by the person you call your lover. These expectations are the foundations of any relationship.

Along with these expectations, there can be many goals and these goals can be goals of self-improvement and also goals for taking the relationship to a new bigger level.

However, there can be times when you might find that your expectations and the results that you are seeing in real life are not levelling up together. 

This is the moment that you might think to yourself that your partner is unresponsive and does not care about the fulfilment of your expectations

These expectations and also be sexual in nature and if you cannot find satisfaction or fulfilment then you might feel very lonely and unable to communicate this to anyone. 

You would not want to leave the relationship just at this moment but you might feel very left alone and voiceless in this situation. 

This is something that is very common and this is something that can be fixed with a couple of things. 

These couple of things will depend on your willingness but the foundation of these couple of things is going to be communication. 

The only way to solve your problem in a relationship is through meaningful communication and conveying of feelings. 

You must understand that the other person might totally be ignorant of the problems that you are having and the only way to get to them is to directly get to them. 


One of the other things that might increase the distance between you and your partner is something that is actually common and that is something where you do not have any control in.

We are of course talking about betrayal and cheating because that is something that can totally destroy the feeling of love and affection that you have for your partner.

Trust is the basis of a relationship and the only way that trust can be broken totally is if your partner cheats on you with someone else.

That will give you the feeling that you are there with them but only physically because they do not love you anymore or they are probably seeking that love elsewhere. 

We try to provide solutions to problems but this is something that cannot be repaired and even if it can be repaired it will take a lot of effort and you might even question whether it is worth it to repair a broken relationship.

The only solution that you have at this moment is to simply walk away from that relationship because trust is the foundation of a relationship and if your partner cannot maintain that trust then there is no point in the relationship. 


Relationships and love can seem like something out of the world but they are based in reality and reality demands that any human relationship needs a few things.

There are certain needs for everything including any kind of relationship, especially a romantic relationship. 

Sometimes these needs can be in the form of physical needs such as sexual needs and sometimes these needs can be other needs.

There might even be financial needs that you need to discuss with your partner and there can sometimes be psychological needs where your partner needs you to make them feel confident.

There may also be needs for self-improvement where your partner is asking you to become a better version of yourself and become a successful person.

Whatever the needs are, you must make sure that these needs should always be fulfilled.

Now it is up to you what kind of a person you fall in love with and what kind of person you are dating but since you love someone you know them quite well and you must also know how aspirational they are.

Therefore, you must always try to match that level of inspiration and to always excel in your life and in your actions and that is one simple way to meet your needs and the needs of your partner. 

These were a few reasons that can make you feel lonely in a relationship and most of these reasons are not impossible to solve and you can, of course, find solutions to them. 

However, sometimes you might feel lonely in a relationship and you might not even find a proper reason for it because you are not a psychologist but whatever the case maybe you might feel like that relationship is empty.

There is also another solution that is fun and excellent for someone who is adventurous like you and also passionate and the solution we are talking about has helped a lot of couples resolve their issues. 

You are not only going to have an amazing time with these beautiful ladies but this will also mean that you are never going to cheat because of feeling lonely in your relationship. 

And as always stay tuned for other blogs where we talk about important issues like this and the solutions to them. 


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