What are the Side Effects of Masturbation for Females?

What are the Side Effects of Masturbation for Females? Masturbation has been practiced by both men and women since the beginning of time, but does it have any side effects on females? And if so, what are they?

In this article, we’ll talk about some of the most common side effects of masturbation in females, as well as how to prevent them from happening to you. Keep reading to learn more!


Information about female masturbation

A lot of people associate female masturbation with teenage boys jerking off in private or a guy who can’t get laid. The truth is that female masturbation is more common than many think and it doesn’t have to mean anything at all except that you enjoy masturbating.

In fact, there’s a growing number of women who enjoy masturbating because they find it to be both physically and mentally relaxing. A woman may masturbate because she feels like her partner isn’t satisfying her in bed or maybe she just wants some time alone to think about things or let off steam. Regardless, there are some side effects associated with female masturbation.

Female orgasm facts

Did you know that female orgasm facts aren’t as well-known as male orgasm facts? That’s because there are some things about female sexual pleasure that science is still learning. As a result, there isn’t a lot of data on many facts about female orgasms.

Did you know that unlike male orgasms, which can happen several times in a row, female orgasms can only happen one at a time – and only in rapid succession. You see, unlike men (who have refractory periods where they can’t get another erection after ejaculation), women don’t have those same issues—as their orgasm simply replaces their last one.

The time of the month

Every month, right around the time of a woman’s period, she experiences her natural desire to masturbate. This is especially true when she feels swollen or tingly. If a woman has not had an orgasm recently, one of the side effects of masturbation is a sudden desire to have one during her period. Many women report feeling much better at the end of their cycle if they have orgasms regularly throughout the month.

Side Effects of Masturbation For Females

It could be that hormones released during sex influence mood and emotions, but there haven’t been any studies confirming it just yet. While it seems like masturbation might play a role in PMS symptoms, more research needs to be done before we can say conclusively whether or not that’s true.

Does female ejaculation exist?

While you’re waiting to see if female ejaculation exists, there’s another important aspect of female masturbation that you should be thinking about. As I mentioned earlier, orgasm is a product of our brain — not just our genitals. This means that whether or not your ejaculate on a bedspread, it’s important to think about how to mentally tune into your sensations and experiences.

Let go and focus on what feels good, getting yourself as turned on as possible by whatever method gets you there: fingers? toys? fantasies? Masturbating while thinking specifically about your genitals is unlikely to result in female ejaculation. Instead, learn how to let go and explore different ways that turn you on — clitoral stimulation works for some people, but other women swear by G-spot stimulation.

Women who masturbate more have stronger orgasms

We talk a lot about orgasms in terms of men. Men who have them and men who don’t. But, there’s another side to that story: female orgasms. The reality is most women don’t orgasm during sex alone. Most women actually need clitoral stimulation to achieve an orgasm and most get it by using their hands or a vibrator on themselves.

This isn’t just some kind of taboo act people do in private: it turns out masturbating is good for you and your health too! In fact, Women who masturbate more have stronger orgasms than women who do not masturbate at all!

Some Common Side Effects of Masturbation For Females

While masturbation is a completely normal way to explore your body and sexuality, there can be some common side effects of masturbation that females should be aware of. For example, frequent masturbation can lead to rashes in certain areas of your body if you’re prone to irritation or have sensitive skin. If you think you’ve developed a rash from masturbating too much, try switching up what part of your body you touch and see if that makes a difference.

You may also want to add in some lubrication (like coconut oil) or even use an allergy medication if things don’t start getting better after a few days. Masturbation doesn’t need to be limited to one area of your body either. However, it’s important to note that masturbation shouldn’t cause pain. If you notice any pain while touching yourself, take a break and make sure nothing feels out of place or pinched inside your vagina or anus. Again, it’s not unusual for masturbation to cause slight vaginal discharge when you first begin touching yourself regularly.

However, it’s best to talk with your doctor if you notice an abnormal amount of discharge or a change in color—both could indicate an infection which requires medical attention right away.

5 Side Effects of Masturbation For Females

Contrary to popular belief, there’s no need to abstain from masturbation in order to keep your vagina healthy and safe. That said, some common side effects of masturbation in females can include:

  • Burning sensations
  • Increased discharge that is usually odorless
  • Vaginismus (spasm-like contractions of vaginal muscles)
  • Allergic reactions including rashes or irritation
  • Dry Vagina

Unlike male ejaculation, female ejaculation is rarer and less understood by medical professionals. This can lead to a lack of thorough analysis on why it occurs. When it does occur, what’s expelled varies between instances and is often different colors.

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