Significant Health Improvements from Mercury Detoxification and Amalgam Filling Removal

Are you planning for amalgam filling removal in London? Obviously, it’s a great choice to make. But amalgam removal can expose you to potential health risks because of emission of mercury and its residue in the mouth. Moreover, with mercury amalgam it puts your health at risk so far. 

There are a lot of problems which you can experience throughout your amalgam journey. Here, we will discuss health improvements after mercury filling removal and detoxification with the help of popular studies. So, let’s get started. 


Charts of symptom improvement

Here we give a chart that reflects the result of the study conducted by Sam Ziff of Bio-Probe, Inc. In this study, 1569 patients took part and results shown the percentage cured or improved. Every column shows important data yet the chart shows common symptoms resulted due to mercury fillings such as depression, headache, vision problems and fatigue. 

The list clearly depicts the number of patients and percentages of patients completely cured. Accordingly, you can decide if you need to visit a dentist for amalgam filling removal in London or not. 

Symptom Improvement for Amalgam Filling Removal 

  Percentage with  


Symptom    Percentage Improved or    


   Number  Improved or   


   Total Number of    


6 Lack of energy 97 88 91
17 Metallic taste    95 247 260
8 Gum problems 94 121 129
5 Anxiety 93 80 96
22 Depression 91 315 347
8 Irritability 90 119 132
14 Allergy  89 68 81
22 Dizziness 88 301 343
6 Bloating 88 70 88
5 Chest pains 87 69 79
34 Headaches      87 460 531
10 Irregular heart beat 87 139 159
45 Fatigue  86 603 705
12 Ulcers (oral cavity) 86 162 189
10 Nervousness    83 131 158
8 Muscle tremor 83 104 126
15 Intestinal problems 83 192 231
8 Numbness anywhere 82 97 118
17 Lack of concentration 80 216 270
12 Insomnia 78 146 187
7 Multiple sclerosis 76 86 113
17 Memory loss 73 193 265
29 Vision problems 63 289 462
6   Blood pressure problems   54 53 99


The symptom improvement degree is directly proportional to the time a person subjects to mercury toxic. It can create adverse effect on CNS (central nervous system) and general body. Even the overall health, immune system of the patient and the supplement the patient intakes are also responsible for the improvement of the conditions and symptoms.  

Health observations for amalgam filling removal- before and after

In the study of Health Observations Before and After Removal conducted by a Swiss dentist, Dr. Paul Engel proved that certain improvements are noticeable in the health. The symptoms related with chronic mercury poisoning have been improved after they remove the mercury amalgam and replace it with a healthy dental filling. 

This study exhibits the improved and unimproved symptoms after replacement. The result shown determines on just removal of amalgam filling. There is no involvement of mercury detoxification. Amongst 75 patients there were 23 men and 52 women who have participated in this study. Here are the complaints.  

    Symptoms Before Amalgam Removal                 
Symptom # of Complaints
   Migraine    36
   Headache     32
   Gastro-intestinal problems    27
   Neck tensions    25
   Paresthesia    19
   Dizziness    18
   Allergies    13
   Vision disturbances    13
   Back pain    12
   Mental disorder    12
   Joint pain    10
Shoulder/arm pain    10


Once the amalgams are removed completely, here are percentages of patients who noticed significant changes in their overall health:

Percent of Patients Claiming Changes Because of Filling Removal     
   Change Noted    %
   Much better    68
   Better    12
   Somewhat better      9
   No improvement      7
   Worse      1
   No Assessment      3

Associated health improvements for amalgam filling removal

Linda Jones assessed a study, Dental Amalgam and Health Experience: Exploring Health Outcomes and Issues for People Medically Diagnosed with Mercury Poisoning examined on 35 people with several conditions. But they reported complexities such as migraines, allergies, candidiasis, CFS and recurring flu symptoms. These are all related to chronic mercury poisoning. 

But 21 of them who have performed both mercury detoxification and amalgam removal get back to their daily life fully. 8 of them who have undergone the removal but not detoxification they experience unimproved pre-existing condition. The health of 3 of them is deteriorating because they don’t perform amalgam removal at all. Only 1 person claimed that there is no improvement after performing the procedures at all. 

Linda performed another study on 776 people that showed who have undergone both of the procedures get substantial recovery with a good quality of life. So, it is clear that not all can feel better or each symptom will subside down. 

Yet, there is significant improvement in those who have performed these procedures. You should consult with the dentist regarding mercury filling removal cost in the UK to get it at a competitive price. 

Health improvement to chronic mercury poisoning from amalgam filling removal

When you have known about certain health improvements because of mercury filling removal and detoxification, it’s time to assess the improvements for specific conditions. According to DAMS (Dental Amalgam Mercury Syndrome), mercury can cause around 40 chronic medical issues in around 1000 peers. After reviewing about 6000 Amalgam Filling Removal London cases they have noticed significant improvements in them post removal. 

Later it has been found that the reason behind the improvement of diseases and symptoms is because of mercury detoxification procedure. Every condition is interlinked to chronic mercury poisoning, disease extent, health condition stage and other factors like environment, diet and genetics. Here is a table that shows the improved medical conditions post amalgam removal: 

Health Improvement Post Removal of Amalgam Filling 
Type Improved Symptoms or Diseases 
  Autoimmune disorders Arthritis, Lou Gehrig’s Disease (ALS), multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s, muscle tremor, muscular and joint pain, Crohn’s disease, fibromyalgia, lupus, scleroderma, endometriosis, diabetes, chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS).
  Neurological (including   mood disorders) Memory loss, schizophrenia, depression, insomnia, anger, mental confusion, anxiety, neuropathy/paresthesia, dizziness/vertigo, tinnitus, headaches/ migraines, ADD, autism, epilepsy, dyslexia, hearing loss, learning disabilities. 
  Oral disease Periodontal diseases, amalgam tattoos, oral lichen planus, metal mouth, oral keratosis (pre cancerous), halitosis.
Immune system disorders Allergies, asthma, eczema, psoriasis, multiple chemical sensitivities, other skin conditions, antibiotic resistant infection, susceptibility to infections, sinus problems.
Cardiovascular conditions Tachycardia, angina, hypertension, arteriosclerosis, and other blood conditions.
Hormonal conditions Hypothyroidism, chronic chills, adrenal problems, Hashimoto’s disease, depression, alopecia/hair loss, urinary/ prostrate problems, suicidal thoughts.
Reproductive disorders Infertility, PMS, reduced sperm counts, spontaneous abortions, developmental disabilities, birth defects, kids with learning issues and low IQ.
Eye Conditions Inflammation, astigmatism, iritis, myopia, cataracts, colour blindness, macular degeneration, vision disturbances.
Stomach/digestive problems Leaky gut, malabsorption of essential minerals and essential fatty acids, candidiasis, and blocked cellular enzymatic processes related to the ATPASE energy function and sulfur oxidation.


Therefore, it is clear from the studies that removing amalgam fillings has somehow improves the symptoms in the patients. If you can follow the removal procedure by a mercury detoxification then it will show significant symptoms improvement. Moreover, the latter is effective for chronic mercury poisoning. 

So, what are you waiting for? Make an appointment at Smile Clinic London to get the job done on an earliest note. Dentist consultation will also help in determining the health effects associated to chronic mercury poisoning and they can take necessary decisions accordingly to prevent them.


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