Today we are going to talk about a company that is technically a start-up but they have been operational for more than a decade now and have recently become a private limited. 

This means that they have the experience of a pioneer and also the freshness and the passion of a start-up combined into a perfect combination.

We are of course talking about Think To Share IT solutions which is this pragmatic web design and development company in Kolkata that provides nearly every kind of IT service.

They have a certain kind of approach when it comes to web design and development, this kind of approach is not only unique in the Indian IT industry but is also something looked upon internationally.

We are going to share this approach with you that is not only going to inspire you but is going to help you with the approach of your company when it comes to web designing and development.

And of course, if you find it difficult to bring about this change in your company then there is the company itself Think To Share to help you with it. 




Website content is not an essay and when people are visiting will your website can have this certain unwritten demand that has become the norm in today’s day and age. 

Nobody has the time to read through paragraphs of your website content in order to find out what you actually do. 

This is where the Think To Share approach comes in because they avoid written text unless it is absolutely necessary and they have simple icons and diagrams that explain their services quite efficiently and easily to all the visitors. 

This is not only based on being an efficient system but also showcases their design philosophy and their attitude towards web designing and development. 

The greatest marketing trick is to have the marketing in the trick itself and this is something that they have managed to master quite well. 

Everything about their website will inspire confidence in the brand and will further compel the visitors to become clients. 

Therefore, you must use graphics and images but also makes sure that the website loading time is quick. That way you are going to make sure that people pay attention. 

You must describe your work through practical mediums such as videos as well as infographics and diagrams so that your visitor might find it quite easy to understand what you do. 


Trust is one of the fundamental premises of establishing a successful business and this is where you can learn a lot from Think To Share’s entire approach to the situation. 

Everything about their primary website builds trust in the viewer because they expect every viewer to be a potential client and that is why they never leave any stone unturned.

Starting from the website loading time to the homepage and everything else, you can find one of the fastest and most responsive websites in the world.

There is nothing unnecessary on the website and everything has its own place and purpose.

Whenever you contact them, they are going to assure you that this is the same level of purpose that they are going to bring to your website and your company when you hire them.

They have one of the simplest logos out there that showcase what the company is about. They are about thoughtful decisions and thoughtful designing and sharing it with the world and that is exactly what is shown in their logo.

The entire website is a trust-building activity and they do this flawlessly. 


Everything about their company and their website speaks of a sense of community and an old-world charm that can be sometimes missing in this fast-paced and mechanized IT industry. 

From their social media to their website and everything that they do, the employees portray very good synergy among themselves and this sense of community can be felt. 

From their relationship with their clients to the involvement of their clients in their events, it can be abundantly clear that they are trying to build a community. 

You can even find this sense of community and this warmth in their approach to servicing because whenever you hire them you will always be in touch with the project’s senior manager. 

You will always have a simple phone call and communication line with the team so that you can request changes at any moment of the day. 

They are a team of passionate people who simply believe in bringing the handmade, customised and prioritised service that can only be seen with very premium web designers and developers. 


One of the best things about their primary website is that they have excellent additional content that shows their expertise and also their reputation in the industry.

From the testimonial of their clients to the projects that they have worked on, you can develop a good idea about what kind of company they are from that.

They also have a very thriving and popular blogging culture where they are quite regular and the blogs have a good number of visits.

The blogs talk about anything new and revolutionary in the IT industry and they also talk about how they are contributing to any new technological emergence in the industry. 

Apart from additional content, their service pages are quite detailed and will help you understand the length and breadth of all the services that they provide.

However, it might be difficult for you to go through all of them because they do indeed provide a lot of services. 

This was the blog about Think To Share IT solutions and their web design and development approach and we hope this will inspire you to make changes in your start-up and also in your company website.

However, if you want help from the professionals themselves then you can obviously go to Think To Share’s website and check out their web designing and development services.

We will see you soon when we bring you blogs about companies like this that are bringing positive change to the IT industry. 

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