What is Prone Masturbation?

Many people ask, what is prone masturbation? Prone masturbation, also known as prone orgasm or simply prone, is an unusual type of male masturbation where one lies on his stomach and moves the penis towards orgasm.

Many people ask, what are the benefits of prone masturbation? According to experts, practicing prone masturbation can potentially help men who have erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation.


My Story About Prone Masturbation

Like many of you, I had been masturbating since childhood, and I hadn’t heard of any other way to do it until I was an adult. Once I learned about traditional masturbation, it felt clumsy and awkward. A few years ago, I found a website explaining how to do this- I just wish the information was available when I started masturbating at 8 years old!

But once I fix it, my life will never be the same. Since switching to traditional masturbation, the intensity of my orgasms has increased. My ejaculations are now much longer and more powerful; Instead of shooting me in the stomach, they hit all parts of my body; They occur with greater frequency; And they go on for a very long time—sometimes up to 10 minutes!

Why I Started Practicing Prone Masturbation

In middle school, I was taught that masturbation in itself was a bad thing. So naturally I did my best to suppress any sexual thoughts or urges. At first, I was able to fight those urges, but they got stronger over time and at times I would have some free time in class and I was unable to focus on anything other than these very strong sexual desires.

This period of extreme sexual tension would continue until the end of one day (I was about 14) I succumbed to the temptation and masturbated while lying on my stomach. It felt so good that from then on whenever I had a moment alone, I would masturbate on my stomach; Felt so much better than trying to rub it against me while sitting or standing.

7 Benefits of Prone Masturbation

  1. Prevents paraphimosis
  2. Acts as a potent aphrodisiac
  3. Makes prone masturbation more satisfying
  4. Prevents penile fracture
  5. Eases premature ejaculation
  6. Prevents cervical spondylosis
  7. Reduces risk of prostate cancer

Benefits of Prone Masturbation

There are a few benefits of prone masturbation, but they come with many more risks. The benefits include having more enjoyable orgasms and orgasms that feel deeper. There are also different sensations you will feel while masturbating in a supine position. Unlike other forms of masturbation, there is less need for lubricant since prone masturbation can cause fluids to leak out more easily.

You will have no interruptions when masturbating in prone position because there are no worries about your hands slipping off your genitals. Although these may seem like great advantages to some people, they could all be contributing factors as to why so many people have been harmed by prone masturbation over time.

Helps to relax muscles: To the benefit, prone masturbation helps to relax the muscles. It also provides easy access for hygienic purposes, and it avoids the curvature of the penis that can occur with other conditions such as doggy style and female on top.

More Comfortable to Reach Orgasm: People who prefer to masturbate while lying on their stomach say it is easier and more comfortable to reach orgasm when they do. For some people, it may even be less distracting than masturbating while sitting. Although prone masturbation isn’t safe for everyone — especially teens and young adults, who are prone to developing problems related to hormone imbalances — in some cases, masturbation can actually be beneficial.
It relieves stress: People sometimes engage in self-pleasure as a form of relaxation, especially when they are feeling stressed or anxious.

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The position in which you masturbate is important as it can have a significant impact on your health. One of these positions, known as prone masturbation, involves lying down and stroking oneself with one hand. This is also called face-down masturbation or jerking in bed.
This condition can cause side effects such as: premature ejaculation, genital numbness and erectile dysfunction.

However, there are other benefits as well, such as strengthening your arm muscles for a better workout at the gym and helping you focus while studying/researching for exams.

Drawbacks of Prone Masturbation

The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) reports that prone masturbation can damage the skin of the penis. Constantly rubbing your penis against a surface such as a mattress or pillow can cause irritation, which can lead to small sores and spots on your penis. These conditions make you more vulnerable to STDs and infections like genital warts.

Also, if you masturbate in bed with a female partner, she may also experience vaginal irritation. Finally, when you ejaculate, semen may be forced into an area of ​​your body other than your penis – for example, in your abdomen if you sleep down – leaving any chance of sperm. It becomes difficult to penetrate a sexual partner.

Some people believe that masturbation can damage our liver (looking into the effects of masturbation on the kidney), read our post to find out if you are one of them.

Tips on How to Practice Properly

Prone masturbation, also known as solo sex position or cowgirl style, can be an effective method of orgasm. The best thing about prone masturbation is that it is completely free of cost and requires little or no work from you.

All you need to do is lie down, spread your legs and use one or two fingers to stimulate yourself until you reach orgasm. In itself, prone masturbation has benefits such as being less stressful than participatory sex and more likely to lead to climax through clitoral stimulation. It is also considered hands-free because you have nothing to do with your hands when trying a single sex position like using toys or using multiple fingers at once.

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