Pink Sapphire Gemstone: History, Facts and Benefits

Natural Pink Sapphire is one of the most glorious gemstones. It holds great medicinal powers and is considered to be associated with sacred spirits. For wisdom, toughness, and good-heartedness, sapphire represents these traits. The corundum family is where this precious stone belongs because it comes from a type of aluminum oxide mineral. 

This Stone serves as a crystal that brings peace to the mind and helps in discovering new thoughts. In aura it radiates out only positive energy and while in life it brings luck to the person concerned with pink sapphire being their birthstone. This stone has high healing properties thus making it a special gemstone for Reiki. Sapphire is the most loved stone among others due to its rich and attractive colors which gives it a brilliant look.


History And Myths Of Pink Sapphire

There is a gem called Pink Sapphire that is known to occur only in Sri Lanka and Myanmar; however, in the 1990s, it was discovered in the southwestern part of Madagascar, which is an excellent source of quality sapphire. Deposits are also found in other regions such as Thailand, Ceylon, and Pailin Cambodia. The color of pink sapphire comes from chromium forming with aluminum oxide; pink sapphire belongs to the corundum family.

Pink sapphires used to be seen as a symbol of love, beauty, purity, and wisdom. So, in engagement ceremonies, this stone would be gifted by the groom as an engagement ring signifying love and faithfulness.

Pink Sapphire is a gemstone that has immense healing properties, in India it was believed that this gemstone helps in healing scorpion bites by blending sapphire with water.

Pink sapphire stone is worn by royals, this stone is a symbol of beauty, romance, and feminine elegance. Pink sapphire stones are also worn by many celebrities as they give a classy and smart look to the entire character. The reason why pink sapphires have become a replacement for diamonds is that they are less expensive and affordable.

Benefits of Wearing Pink Sapphire 

Pink sapphire is an uncommon precious stone associated with various health advantages. It is that wearing Pink Sapphire gemstones has many benefits. So below we mention some of the major benefits of Pink Sapphire gemstone, which include the following:

  • Brings affection and commitment to the relationship
  • Helps maintain the professional and financial status of the wearer
  • Heals severely damaged aura
  • Emotions are balanced and pleasant.
  • Supports the Sun in the horoscope

Facts About Pink Sapphire Gemstone

There are some interesting facts about the pink sapphire gemstone: 

  • Pricing a sapphire is all about colors. Pink sapphire gemstones can be found in the least to the highest quality colors because pink sapphires appear in many shades of pink. The presence of chromium determines the colors in corundum crystals, and pink sapphires have a wide range of colors. 
  • Pink sapphires are found in heat-treated form, as they are of the color deep pink. Pink sapphires are available untreated in some areas; since they are less common than treated ones, they cost more.
  • It is the reason why pink sapphire is preferred for engagement rings. The wearer of pink sapphire would be protected from all evils and misfortunes. Besides, the pink sapphire is also blessed with the properties of love and loyalty and is also believed to earn trust. 
  • It is the perfect gift given the stone was a heart medicine. It could cure poison and various diseases, too. As one of the rarest gems, pink sapphires are reasonably priced, as well. Moreover, the pink sapphire is supposed to be the planet’s second most difficult substance when it comes to durability; so wearers would also get years of pleasure. 

Healing Properties Of Pink Sapphire

The Pink Sapphire is usually the birthstone of September and is believed to be a stone of wisdom as it possesses unique properties that heal, keep one on a path, and help one to remain focused. Pink Sapphire is known for its self-reliance and it encourages the wearer to have courage. The stone clears away all negative emotions from the past, allowing only positive thoughts and actions to take their place. Pink sapphire has the following healing properties due to which people prefer this gemstone among others 

Physical Healing Energy: Pink Sapphire achieves harmony between the heart and the mind, and for anyone who would like to gain more physical strength, there is no better gemstone than Pink Sapphire. Using this crystal brings many benefits such as helping to heal multiple physical problems for the person using it; soothing nerves and assisting in the regulation of the circulatory system. It gives strength to the body to fight various diseases, hence it helps you to be conscious of the physical nature of your body.

Emotional Healing Energy: Pink Sapphire stone vibrations and emit rays that support calming the mind and heart. This stone gives us the strength to overcome past emotions, depression, or anxiety by encouraging us to forgive others and make a fresh start. This Stone brings love and affection into the relationships and helps the wearer express feelings or emotions more comfortably.

Spiritual Healing Energy: Pink Sapphire gemstone has immense power to bring prosperity, success, good fortune, love, and respect to the life of the stone wearer. This stone has spiritual powers that bring happiness and satisfaction in life and purify the surrounding environment. The rays emanating from the stone can improve focus and concentration which helps in achieving desired goals and dreams. Pink Sapphire gemstone improves the ability to enjoy and show gratitude towards other people and teaches them to love and forgive.

Final Thoughts 

Pink sapphires add a touch of elegance to any piece of gemstone, Pink sapphire is a rare gemstone that is so popular for necklaces, earrings, and engagement rings. They are also valuable and relatively durable, so they could be highly prized by gemstone collectors.

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