Flying With Kids: Expert Strategies For Smooth Airport Travel

Traveling by plane with young kids can be stressful and challenging for any parent. However, with some planning, organization and useful tools. Your Logan airport and flight experience can go much more smoothly. Implementing expert parent tested strategies sets you up for travel success with minimal headaches. This article provides tips and tricks for smooth travels with children of all ages – from infants to teens. Learn how to expertly navigate airports, handle flights and keep your kids happy and comfortable throughout. With these key pointers your next family trip will seem far less daunting. Read on for a detailed guide on flying with little ones stress free.


Prepare Ahead Of Time

Pack Smartly

When flying with kids being organized and packing smartly ahead of time will make the airport and flight much smoother. Make a list of everything you will need and pack it in advance. Things like:


Extra clothes and diapers for accidents or spills.pacifiers, bottles, snacks, favorite stuffed animals or toys to comfort little ones. Kids entertainment like tablets loaded with movies and games. Headphones and chargers for devices. coloring books and activity books with crayons or washable markers.

Print Out Boarding Passes

Print out your boarding passes in advance or have them ready on your phone to scan. This avoids having to scramble at airport kiosks with antsy children in tow. You can check-in online 24 hours before most flights.

Charge Devices

Make sure any devices the kids will use like tablets, phones or handheld games are fully charged. Bring external battery packs as a backup so they don’t run out of juice mid flight.

Navigate The Airport

Use Strollers and Carts

Rent a stroller or bring your own if you have a little one to contain them easily. Airport carts are also extremely useful for older kids who get tired of walking. Load up the cart with your carry ons and kids can sit if needed.

Allow Extra Time

Having kids in tow slows things down. Allow 1-2 hours extra to account for bathroom breaks, tantrums, spilled drinks and wandering kids. Build in more connection time between flights. Rushed kids often meltdown.

Find Family Lanes

Look for family or stroller lanes at security check points. They allow you extra time and space. TSA agents are also usually more patient with children.

On The Plane

Bring Activities and Snacks

New toys and coloring books will prevent boredom. Pack quiet snacks that won’t make a mess like crackers, raisins & lollipops. Bubbles or play dough can also keep kids happily occupied for hours.

Request Special Seating

Call your airline ahead to request ahead bulkhead seats with extra legroom or seats next to empty rows if available. Gate agents may also help accommodate special requests for families with small children.

Prepare Kids Ears

Sucking on hard candy or swallowing during take off and landing prevents painful ear popping. Toddlers cannot intentionally pop their ears. So a pacifier bottle or nursing works best. Teach older kids to swallow, yawn or pinch their nose shut while gently blowing out.

Arriving At Your Destination

Have Essentials Handy

Being able to quickly grab diapers, wipes, a change of clothes, medicine and snacks without rummaging through suitcases makes a huge difference upon arrival. Kids are usually extra hungry, thirsty and antsy after a flight.

Give Kids Important Information

Teach kids your cell phone numbers. Their parent’s full names and other vital information in case you get separated. Bracelets with this info are also available. Point out uniformed helpers like flight attendants who can assist if lost.

Final Tips

A few more handy things that simplify airport travel with little ones:

Ask the flight attendant if you can board early. Most allow families with young children to settle in first.You can gate check strollers, car seats and travel cribs for free on most airlines. Bring a lightweight poncho or change of clothes in case of spills, blowouts or motion sickness. Pack medication for headaches, stomach issues, allergies and other ailments in your carry. Having what you need if kids don’t feel well is essential.


While air travel with kids has its challenges. Being prepared relieves most of the headaches. Planning ahead takes the stress out of flying with children at any age. Implementing a few key strategies makes the airport travel and plane ride fairly smooth even with energetic toddlers and babies in tow. The key is staying organized, allowing plenty of time, packing smart and keeping kids occupied. Mastering stress free travel with kids paves the way for many memorable family adventures ahead!


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