Need an Emergency Orthodontist in London Fast? We Can Help!

Suffering a painful orthodontic emergency outside standard dentist hours can feel like an anxious nightmare. Although accidents causing loose braces, poking wires or damaged aligners invariably happen at the worst times! In such situations getting prompt relief is paramount, so treatment progress isn’t impeded and to avoid potential dental health complications. The good news is emergency orthodontic care is available in London to swiftly resolve most common mishaps. Discover what urgent issues warrant an emergency orthodontist appointment and how to access reliable out-of-hours support here.


What Orthodontic Issues Require Emergency Assistance?

Many orthodontic emergencies simply cause discomfort or impact aesthetics temporarily. But some issues demand urgent repairs by on-call orthodontists to sustain treatment or prevent injury risks. Monitoring pain levels and being proactive about damage helps assess if an emergency orthodontist appointment is warranted or issues can wait until your dentist reopens.

Contact an emergency orthodontist promptly for:

  • Bleeding not subsiding after 10 minutes steady pressure
  • Significant pain preventing sleeping, eating, drinking or speaking
  • Total or partial loss of braces leaving wires protruding dangerously
  • Severe irritation inside the mouth from displaced wire branches or broken components
  • Infection risks from appliances disrupting gum tissue
  • Abscesses forming around irritated teeth under braces
  • Broken, distorted or disconnected orthodontic hardware
  • Missing ligatures unable to be replaced properly at home

Issues that can typically wait for your regular dentist include:

  • Mild poking wire irritation
  • Single loose bands able to be temporarily re-adhered using orthodontic wax
  • Slight distortion to wire alignment causing minimal discomfort
  • Lost or broken acrylic aligners where previous sets can be reworn temporarily
  • Rubbing brackets mostly an aesthetic vs health concern

With children, take extra precautions seeking emergency repairs for damaged orthodontics given injury risks. Controlling pain levels through over-the-counter relief medication under dentistry advice is appropriate temporarily for adults. This buys some time until standard practice hours resume. But don’t delay beyond 24-48 hours if pain or complications persist or increase. Emergencies left untreated long term risk halting progress, not to mention cause unnecessary suffering!

How To Find an Emergency Orthodontist in London Fast

Needing urgent orthodontic issue resolution outside routine dentist hours can be daunting for those unfamiliar dealing with dental contingencies. Fortunately London maintains several excellent facilities providing 24/7 emergency orthodontist access:

Contact your Regular Orthodontist Practice 

Most orthodontists recognize emergencies as an inevitable aspect of braces or Invisalign aligner treatment. So leading providers operate dedicated on-call emergency assistance even for evenings, weekends and holidays. Check your patient contract or practice website for their registered emergency orthodontist contact details to ring directly. Most will offer next day appointments to existing patients.

Urgent Dental Care Centres 

Several UK dental chains like 1A Orthodontics operate urgent care walk-in centres in London for dental emergencies. These generally have extended hours weeknights or across weekends. While chiefly handling general dental issues, many also cater for orthodontic emergencies for both existing patients and the broader public. Charges for uninsured emergency treatment may be higher though than your regular orthodontist.

Hospital Treatment 

In genuine cases of trauma with facial injury damage involving orthodontics unable to wait for practice repairs, attending the closest hospital is warranted. However orthodontic damage alone is not sufficient reason to attend emergency hospital departments if able to source community dental urgent care assistance instead. But don’t hesitate presenting to ER if you have concerns about airway complications from orthodontic dislodgements.

What to Expect During an Emergency Orthodontist Appointment

Once successfully sourcing an emergency orthodontist able to promptly assess urgent orthodontic repairs, what comes next? From initial call to resolving issues, here’s the general emergency process:

Initial Call – Provide as much detail about the orthodontic damage as possible including appliance type, location and photos if able. Registration details also help access treatment history faster. This gives the rostered emergency orthodontist insight on likely issues and repair needs so the appropriate appointment type can booked time-wise.

Assessment – The emergency dentist examines the orthodontic hardware damage or complications first hand, takes new x-rays if required and asks questions to understand how/when the incident occurred. They evaluate risks of leaving untreated and discuss suitable repair options.

Repairs and Relief – Based on the clinical findings, emergency repairs, brace replacement or wire adjustments are performed providing immediate relief. Follow-up pain medication or antibacterial gel prescriptions help manage residual discomfort and prevent infection.

Follow-Up Care – An appointment is scheduled for some days later with your original orthodontist or general dentist to check repairs are still intact. Further damaged components get replaced and progress assessed before resuming standard treatment.

Emergency orthodontic repairs aim to provide urgent relief while protecting ongoing treatment progress as far as possible. So with prompt assessment, wire adjustments and hardware replacements, most common brace disasters can be set right so your teeth straightening journey stays on track!

Protect Your Smile Investment – Choose an Orthodontist With Emergency Support

Embarking on prolonged orthodontic treatment means accepting some risk of emergency mishaps requiring urgent repairs for pain relief, infection prevention or avoiding complicated remedial treatment. While attentive at-home care minimizes such incidents, prompt access to emergency orthodontic solutions is essential for sustaining realignment progress.

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