Unlocking Success: Navigating Google Ads with a Premier Agency in the UK

Many driven business owners invest hours learning how to manage Google Ads independently. Although you can’t manage, optimize, and strategize Google Ads on the side and expect success, you can manage your campaigns without having to pay for PPC services. You will still have to pay for it with time, maybe even with some sanity. Spending money on education (such as the Paid Traffic Mastery course from DigitalMarketer) could be beneficial, but there are a lot of free resources available as well.


How about an Internal PPC Marketer?

If managing your own Google Ads campaigns seems insane, you might want to think about working with a Google Ads Agency UK or an internal PPC manager.

In-house PPC Managers

The best ones are employed directly by your business and exclusively for you. These PPC managers usually oversee all digital marketing initiatives, including content creation, email marketing, and SEO. An internal PPC manager may seem like a great choice for a business owner since they will gain extensive knowledge of the company. Since this person was hired to work with the team, it goes without saying that they will participate in all significant meetings and be informed of any new developments.

Monitoring and Documentation

Your Google AdWords agency needs to collect a ton of data to convert website visitors into customers, increase your company’s reach and visibility, and optimize your entire digital marketing strategy.

Additionally, as a client, you ought to anticipate receiving regular reports from your agency that present these data points in a clear, comprehensive manner. What your agency does behind the scenes—what works, what doesn’t, and why—should be covered in detail in the reports.

Now, many PPC agencies will claim to “use” Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager, which are considered the industry standard for tracking tools (we’ll talk about these platforms in a moment). 

  • Unscrupulous agencies track incorrectly.
  • Bad agencies—I mean, they don’t track). 
  • Thus, it’s crucial to question them extensively about their tracking strategies when choosing the best advertising agency. We go into great detail about each of these particular questions in the complete guide.
  • Do they make use of Google Analytics? 
  • Are they using Google Tag Manager ALSO? 
  • Do they set up an extensive tracking system to gauge their progress? 
  • For them, what constitutes a conversion? 
  • Will they monitor the campaign’s actual profitability?  
  • Will they monitor your important actions?
  • How do they go about reporting things?
  • Do they employ dashboards or reporting that is proprietary? 

Inside PPC Managers: The Less-than-Excellent

Every aspect of digital marketing, including PPC, SEO, email, and content marketing, is incredibly difficult to manage and produce good results for.

If you decide to bring on an internal manager, we highly recommend that you “pick a lane” and stay on it. Every facet of digital marketing necessitates specialized knowledge, and PPC advertising in particular demands ongoing education and training to stay abreast of evolving tactics.

Not to be disrespectful, but when it comes to marketing spending, the typical business owner doesn’t usually give training top priority—especially the ongoing education that PPC managers require to succeed. Moreover, hiring an internal PPC manager requires a substantial, long-term investment from your company.

PPC Companies

Some companies might worry that an outside agency won’t comprehend their brand as well as an internal staff member, but any respectable PPC agency will prioritize becoming well-versed in your company’s operations and sector.

Researching your competitors and what sets your brand apart at the start of your collaboration is also part of this. Like an internal PPC manager, the right PPC agency will become a member of your team, but there are a few key distinctions to be aware of:

  • Because PPC agencies are subject-matter experts, they regularly invest time and money in their training to stay competitive.
  • In a similar vein, agencies compete with one another, which means that to stay competitive, they stay informed about what other agencies are up to and use the best and newest resources.
  • Remember that working with an agency also means there are no benefits or salaries to pay? Furthermore, a trustworthy PPC company will never force you to sign a lengthy contract.

In search of a PPC company? Verify If They Are a Google AdWords Agency In particular

If a PPC agency seems like what you’re after, keep in mind that Google AdWords is your most effective marketing tool. This implies that your PPC agency should specialize in Google AdWords above all else.

To put it another way, their main source of income ought to be Google Ads. Not an exemption.

So, How Can the Best Google AdWords Agency Be Found?

It’s time to delve deeply into those eight essential characteristics! 


 The simplest way to find a Google Ads agency is to look through their credentials and experience, which ought to be listed on their website.

What queries to pose are: 

Are They Accredited with Google Ads?

Did we mention that Google is the most popular search engine on the planet? Thus, it is evident that the need for your prospective PPC agency to be Google Ads certified cannot be overstated.

Google certifies people who demonstrate their proficiency and knowledge in online advertising, and in particular, Google AdWords.  

To obtain a Google Ads certification, one must enroll in Skillshop, an online training program offered by Google (formerly known as Academy for Ads).

This course assesses advertisers’ proficiency with both fundamental and sophisticated Google AdWords features. Furthermore, a PPC agency needs to be Google Ads certified to receive a badge designating them as a Google Partner or Google Premier Partner.  

The top Google Ads agency for your company will, of course, never stop looking for new training and certifications.


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