Your crisp informative guide on Spark clear aligners

Spark aligners are your ideal option to straighten the teeth with. The appliance ensures effective, comfortable and discreet way to straighten misaligned teeth. This is indeed a revolutionary means of teeth straightening. The procedure makes use of clear plastic trays that are customised for your teeth. The aligner trays slowly but steadily bring your teeth into correct alignment. 

In the following sections of this post let us know more about this range of teeth straightening appliances. Information provided here will prove helpful for you in taking informed decisions any time in future. 

Spark aligners – how do the appliances work

In order to bring the teeth into correct alignment these aligners make use of  a cutting-edge technology. Every set of the custom designed trays is meant to exert steady but gentle pressure on the teeth. As a result of this pressure the process of bone remodelling sets in. Now you may wonder how this process sets in automatically. The process is simple; as gentle and continuous pressure is applied to the teeth, it stimulates the tissues in the bones to break down and rebuild themselves. This rebuilding of bone tissues takes place in a way that conforms to the fresh alignment of your teeth.   

As you switch over to a newer set of aligner trays in course of time, you teeth move little closer to their ideal alignment. The very next set of trays in a given series just builds upon the progress that is made by the immediate previous one. In other words you can say this treatment is actually an incremental process. This is how the procedure proves to be more comfortable and less invasive compared to both conventional fixed braces and clear aligners explains a dentist in London with extensive experience in spark clear aligners. Both fixed braces and clear aligners usually require frequent adjustments. But with the spark aligners, both adjustments and appointments are usually much lesser.

This is how the range of orthodontic appliances proves more convenient and effective in yielding desired results. The best thing about Spark aligners is these appliances do not disrupt your normal lifestyle or daily routine.   

As these appliances are made from clear plastic, the aligners remain virtually invisible in your mouth. So you can easily maintain both your natural appearance and self reliance throughout the course of your treatment. To launch your spark aligner treatment you have to attend an initial consultation with your orthodontist in the first place. During this consultation the expert diagnoses your teeth and the jaws. Digital scanning of the mouth as well as x-rays is also done. These images work as resources in creating absolutely flawless 3D model of your mouth. Your customised aligners are designed based on the 3D model of your mouth. The custom fit aligners are made from clear transparent plastic and it has been already mentioned above. The custom fit aligners manage to remain virtually invisible in your mouth.

A dentist who deals in spark aligners in London over the years explains once your custom fit aligner trays are ready you have to began your journey with the aligners. Usually patients wear a set of aligners continuously for two weeks. Then they move on to the next set of the aligners in the series. It is important to wear the aligners at least 22 hours a day to ensure desired and timely results. In other words this means you are only supposed to remove the aligners from your teeth only during brushing, flossing, eating and drinking. What happens if you do not conform to the 22 hours compliance? If you cannot comply with the 22 hours deadline of wearing the spark clear aligners everyday in that case your results are not only delayed but can also be derailed too. 

The number of aligner trays varies from case to case. Even duration or length of the treatment is not uniform. These factors depend on the level of malocclusion your teeth have. On average the treatment lasts anywhere between six and eighteen months. Mild cases of misalignment are usually settled in just six months whereas severe cases take about a year and a half explains a dentist renowned in the UK for Spark Aligners treatment.  

Throughout the duration of your treatment you will undergo schedule checkups by your orthodontist. These checkups are meant to monitor the progress of your treatment. Based on these regular checkups your orthodontist may even bring about some changes in your treatment plan to ensure more effective results. You must attend these regular assessment sessions to ensure the treatment is moving along the correct track. 

If you are committed wearing your spark clear aligners for the stipulated number of hours every day there will be visible results regarding the alignment of your teeth within a few weeks or months. These early improvements provide immense boost to stay along the compliances of the treatment. As such it is never difficult to complete the course of correct alignment of your teeth with spark aligners in real life! Thanks to the discretion involved in the treatment, most people who you interact with face to face regularly will not even know that you are undergoing orthodontic procedure. 

Benefits offered by spark clear aligners

Spark clear aligners offer a host of benefits compared to other orthodontic options. People choose this over conventional fixed metal braces and clear aligners because of the following reasons –

  • Discretion – According to an orthodontic expert who deals in clear aligners in London the Spark aligner trays remain virtually invisible inside your mouth. In other words this option allows you straighten your teeth without feeling self conscious much unlike conventional braces.
  • Greater level of comfort and convenience – Conventional metal braces are known to irritate the soft tissues of the cheeks and the gums. Spark aligner trays are made from a smooth material and thus the edges do not brush against the soft tissues of your mouth to cause pain or discomfort. In other words, it is correct to say the range of appliances allows you to enjoy greater levels of comfort and convenience compared to other types of orthodontic aligners.
  • Easily removable – Spark clear aligners can be easily removed from the teeth and worn back again. As a result teeth-straightening with this procedure does not impose any dietary restriction. Literally it allows you to eat and drink whatever you like throughout the course of your treatment. Moreover you can also brush and floss the teeth normally and maintain optimum oral hygiene with this range of aligners. 

Considering all these facts and factors dentists and orthodontists working at the Thousand Smiles Dental Clinic in London recommend spark clear aligners to patients. 


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