5 Things to remember to make your braces treatment more effective

When you are on braces it is important that you maintain sound oral hygiene. Braces are easy to trap food and plaques. These trapped food particles and plaques create problems with your oral health when you do not or cannot brush the teeth properly. The story is the same whether you are on fixed braces or on retainers in the post-treatment phase. So it is important to know how to keep both your teeth and braces clean. In the following sections of the blog post let us explore tried and tested approaches to keep your braces clean and hygienic. 


Brush the teeth every day

When you are on a journey with braces you have no better option but stick to positive habits that help maintaining sound oral hygiene. Brushing the teeth is not easy with braces but with little practice and patience you can get used to it pretty soon. While you are on braces make sure to brush the teeth at least twice or thrice a day. Each time you should brush for about a couple of minutes. And if it is possible then you must brush the teeth right after every meal. 

Use fluoride toothpaste for brushing the teeth. Alternatively you can also use any anti sensitivity toothpaste. Just make sure the toothpaste you use should protect the enamel covering of your teeth.

Food residues easily get stuck both in the teeth and around braces. This is a very common problem for people who are on braces. A dentist charges reasonable cost for clear braces in London over the years suggests a quick brushing after each meal or snacking can help overcoming this hurdle.

When you move on to braces you should carry a travel toothbrush in your pocket all the time. This helps you dislodge anything stuck to your teeth or the appliance. In case you forget carrying a travel toothbrush, make sure to rinse the mouth well with water. Properly swoosh with a mouthful of water helps dislodging food particles stuck in the teeth and along the braces. 

A small soft brush also proves helpful

For brushing the teeth you should always use a toothbrush that has soft bristles. Moreover if the brush has a small head then it becomes easier covering the entire surface area of the teeth at one go. Investing in an electric toothbrush is also a sound idea but you will have to be little careful in using this device. If you t\feel you are practically to keep your teeth clean along with braces then you must bring up the topic with your orthodontist without any delay. The expert can give you effective ideas to overcome the hurdle.  

Tips to brush effectively and keep your mouth clean of plaques

  • There is a special way to hold he brush for proper and effective brushing. You should hold the brush little slanted at an angle of 45 degrees. 
  • Apply gentle pressure of the hand and you should never brush the teeth aggressively.
  • Move the brush in circular scrub motion and make sure to cover all the three surfaces of the teeth while brushing.
  • You should also brush your tongue at the same time to keep it clean and free from germs and plaques.

It is a good idea to invest in an interdental toothbrush

An interdental toothbrush is a better alternative to regular toothbrushes specially when you are focused to keep your teeth clean, healthy and free from diseases. An interdental toothbrush comes with special interdental brush; the object is also much smaller in size compared to regular ones. Thus is can reach easily in places that are otherwise hard to access with your regular toothbrush explains a dentist who charges reasonable cost for clear braces in the UK. An interdental toothbrush proves helpful when one is on braces. An interdental toothbrush easily reaches the area under your metal wires and ca also accesses the region between your tooth and the wire. 

There is also the option of using oral irrigators or water picks the clean the region in the mouth around the braces. Oral irrigators are indeed a great investment in the long run as the device also massages the gums. This helps you stay clear of gum disease or gingivitis. How does this device work? It sprays out a stream of water under pressure; the water is mixed with mouthwash. The pressurised water stream dislodges food particles stuck around the band and the wires of your braces easily. 

It is important to note that these innovative devices must be used in addition to your usual brushing and flossing of the teeth and not as a replacement to those. 

Floss the teeth daily

While on braces it is important to maintain optimum oral hygiene and for that you must floss the teeth daily. You should floss at least once daily and preferably before brushing the teeth. Many people floss at night before retiring to bed. This is a good approach to follow ad probably one has more time at night than in the morning. When you are on brace, flossing can be really tricky says a dentist who charges reasonable cost for clear fixed braces in the UK. Flossing around orthodontic braces usually turns out to be easier when you use a floss threader. This tool is somewhat like the eye of a needle through which you thread the floss before pushing it under the metal wire. 

Importance of fluoride mouthwashes

Throughout your journey on braces you must use any fluoride mouthwash. Make sure the product you use is free from alcohol and use it once daily. An alcohol-free fluoride mouthwash keeps both your teeth and the braces system clean and hygienic. This range of mouthwashes is not difficult to get especially when you visit the neighbourhood pharmacy. 

You should use the mouthwash at a long gap from brushing the teeth. This keeps your mouth protected longer. It is also a good practice not to eat or drink anything for at least 20 minutes after suing the mouthwash. 

Dentists working at the renowned Chatfield Dental Braces suggest you should also be careful about what you eat with Clear Smile Aligner price. You should avoid foods that are hard and sticky, for examples like different types of nuts, apple, carrot, popcorn, hard pizza crust, corn on the cob, candies, caramel, licorice and certain other items. It is also important to avoid chewing gums during your journey on braces.

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