8 tips to make the best out of your Invisalign treatment

It is estimated that nearly one third population of the UK are inclined to receive orthodontic treatment. The British Orthodontic Society or BOS assumes over 200000 Britons get braces fitted to their teeth every year from the NHS and this huge number includes both children and teenagers other than adults. These days orthodontic dentistry has evolved to an unimaginable extent and so the traditional metal braces are not the only option to get your teeth straightened and smile enhanced. Invsialign aligners are a popular alternative to traditional fixed braces which offers both discretion and satisfactory results. Moreover these discreet orthodontic aligners made from clear thermoplastic are less painful, more comfortable and easier to adjust compared to the metal braces.  

In order to experience the best results from invislaign clear aligners it is utmost important that you stay committed to your treatment plan. In the following sections of the post let us explore few tried and tested tips that help you stay committed to your invsialign treatment plan.


Clean your aligner trays every day

Thanks to innovatively designed Invisalign aligner trays your orthodontic treatment remains virtually invisible from the eyes of the world. But it is important that you maintain your aligner trays carefully. You must clean your clear plastic aligners every day without fail. These clear plastic aligners are prone to pick up stains easily and once your Invisalign aligners pick up stains the appliances do not remain discreet and virtually hidden in your mouth anymore. According to a dentist who deals with Invisalign in Wimbledon regular cleaning of the aligner trays help keep them free from staining. Cleaning this clear plastic aligners is no big deal – you can use lukewarm water and any gentle antibacterial soap to clean the appliances from bacteria and plaque build-ups. 

Make sure to wear your aligners full 22 hours a day

Invisalign aligners do not disrupt your normal lifestyle and offer much convenience and flexibility compared to the conventional metal braces. However the range of orthodontic appliances has a rule that you must comply with – you must wear the aligners no less than 22 hours a day. If you do not comply with this norm then the cutting-edge technology to straighten the teeth will not deliver expected results. As such you are supposed to take out the removable aligners from the teeth only while having your meals or brushing and flossing the teeth. Beyond those fixed and limited activities you are not supposed to take out the aligners trays from the teeth and even if you take the aligners out in that case you cannot comply with the 22 hours deadline a day.

Stick to your treatment schedule accurately

When you are on conventional braces it is important to visit your dentist at frequent intervals to get the necessary adjustments done to your braces. When you are on Invisalign there is no need to visit your treatment provider that often. In other words Invisalign saves precious time both for you and your specialist dentist. Right at the onset of your treatment you are handed over a series of aligners which is especially custom-fitted for your teeth explains one of the best Invisalign providers in Wimbledon. You have to change your aligner trays yourself as per the schedule given. It is important that you stick to your treatment schedule as accurately as you can. If you fail to stick to the schedule mentioned in your treatment plan in that case your treatment will get delayed. 

There will be some initial discomfort and inconvenience 

The clear plastic aligners in form of Invisalign are capable to shift your teeth into correct alignment. But this shifting of the teeth will not be absolutely free from any discomfort and inconvenience. Especially when you change to a new set of aligners you will experience severe discomfort. However these inconveniences are temporary and they disappear on their own in a few days. It is better to make a plan to minimise discomfort. You should consider switching days at night which will enable you to sleep through the first few hours of changing aligners which are usually most severe. For the first few days after switching over to a new set of aligners you should also be on a diet of soft and liquid foods as much as possible. If at any point of time the discomfort becomes unbearable you should call your Invisalign specialist and report your condition. 

Brush and floss the teeth regularly during your Invisalign days

According to a dentist who makes incredible offers on Invisalign in Wimbledon and the nearby areas these clear aligner trays encase the teeth completely and this is what enables these appliances to work so effectively. But complete encasement also provides a chance to harmful bacteria and plaque build-ups to get trapped between the teeth and the gum line. This may prove dangerous to maintain strong, healthy and disease-free gums and the teeth. So you must brush and floss the carefully after each meal before placing the aligners back on the teeth. Otherwise your oral hygiene is likely to dip lower making you vulnerable to tooth decay and gum disease.

Carefully preserve your used set of aligners 

Your new set of aligners may get broken or lost unexpectedly. In those critical circumstances you have to maintain the progress of your treatment. Your Invisalign specialist will definitely provide you with a fresh set of aligners but that usually takes little time. Unlike conventional braces, Invisalign aligners come custom-fitted for your teeth from a remote invsialign lab. Meanwhile you must switch back to your previous set of aligner trays so that the progress of your treatment does not get negated under any circumstance. 

This is why it is important to preserve your previous set of aligners explains one of the best Invisalign providers based in London, Wimbledon.     

You should never eat anything wearing the aligners

If you are not sufficiently careful then your foods and drinks can easily stain your clear plastic aligners. You must take your aligners out every time before taking a bite on something. It is also important that you should not drink anything other than plain water wearing your aligner. Eating something or the other wearing the aligner trays may damage your appliances badly. Whenever you are in doubt just take the aligner trays out from your mouth and be on the safer side.

Store your aligner trays properly in their case every time while not using them

Invisible braces Wimbledon (Invisalign aligners) are pretty easy to misplace warns a dentist working at the renowned SW19 Confidental Dental Clinic in London. So you should always keep the appliances safely in the case you got from your invsialign provider. This keeps the aligners safe, undamaged and can also be traced easily.  

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