How to look like a teenager in 7 easy steps

How to look like a teenager? How do you look like a teenager when you’re already in your twenties? You could dye your hair or try to act like one, but these options can be expensive, temporary and unnatural-looking.

The better way to reach the goal of looking like a teenager, without going overboard, is to make small changes that have big impact. If you follow these seven steps you’ll be looking young and fresh in no time!


1) Look clean

Remember that teenagers are inherently clean. If you don’t look like a teenager, you will never be able to look like a teenager. Start by bathing regularly and maintaining hygienic habits. After all, if you are covered in dirt, it’s hard to look like a teenager – how could anyone mistake an old man for a teenager? Be sure to take care of your skin as well; slathering on expensive moisturizers and serums will give your skin radiance and youthful appearance that won’t go unnoticed by those around you.

Don’t be boring: No one wants to look like a boring person. Look at young people; they are full of life, energy, and zest! The key is not being energetic or zesty yourself, but appearing so without actually having any energy or zest. Think about how much sleep young people get compared to older people – there is no reason why you can’t do that too!

2) Have your hair styled

Have your hair styled or have a makeover done to look like a teenager. Make sure your makeup is fresh and youthful too! Have your hairstyle cut by someone that can help you look like a teenager. Maybe you’ve never had short hair before, but if that’s what it takes to look young and hip, then do it! A new hair style can be just what you need to make a serious transition into looking like a teenager again.

Hairstyle for How To Look Like A Teenager

The added bonus here is that when people see how much younger and trendy you look with your new haircut, they’ll start paying attention to how young and trendy your wardrobe looks as well. And with all of these great tips together, you’re bound to feel as young as you really are! Go out there, girl!

3) Get a tan

Getting a tan will make you look like a teenager and it doesn’t take much time or money. All you need to do is hang out at one of your local tanning salons (those are what I call them), and have them help give you a good base color.

Go every other day, or even more if you can afford it; a tan will get darker over time as long as there’s new skin to work with, so keep going until your desired level of bronzing is reached. The great thing about tans is that they don’t just help make people look younger, they also tend to be anti-aging in nature. A little boost from an artificial glow works wonders for looking years younger than your age.

4) Use light makeup

Use light makeup The key to looking like a teenager is to keep things fresh, which means avoiding heavy layers of foundation and concealer. If you’re super-pale, look for tinted moisturizer that matches your skin tone; if you’re tanner, try a sheer liquid or powder foundation with SPF 15. Make sure it doesn’t come off on your clothes or hair by using blotting sheets to remove excess oil throughout the day. Blotting sheets are cheap, portable, and really work!

5) Look confident

You may be young but that doesn’t mean you have to look it. Showing confidence is just as important as looking good, if not more so. Smiling is a great way to begin your journey toward looking like a teenager.

When you show an interest in what people around you are saying, they are less likely to question your age and appearance because you seem genuinely happy about being there. The key to learning how to look like a teenager lies in how confident you can act rather than how old you actually are.

6) Do sports

In an ideal world, teenagers would have loads of time to do sports on a daily basis. But even if you don’t have time to devote yourself to a team sport, taking part in physical activity—especially things like walking and dancing—is good for your health. Studies have shown that participating in sports can also help improve self-esteem and academic performance, which is important if you’re still attending high school.

Exercise doesn’t just look good on a teenager; it looks good on anyone who does it regularly. Remember, when it comes to looking like a teenager: those who exercise win!

7) Wear fitted clothes

When you dress to look like a teenager, fit is important. In addition to clothes that are loose and baggy, teenagers wear fitted outfits that show off their bodies—often with a bit of extra skin on display. Instead of avoiding fitted clothes because you think they won’t be appropriate for your age, try wearing a sleek blazer over an ill-fitting t-shirt or a basic skirt with a classic button down shirt.

It might feel odd at first, but when you see how it looks on you, it might give you ideas about how to change up your typical boxy style. And remember: just because teenage girls often go braless doesn’t mean that’s appropriate for everyone!

Final Words!

Now that you know how to look like a teenager, we hope you never turn 40. Or if you do, at least let it be a good surprise! Maybe your teenage children can throw a party for you with one of their friends’ moms. That way it will look like they’re having a sleepover, but really all of their parents are involved! Just make sure to come up with some kind of cover story before telling anyone else about your new ‘teenagerly’ lifestyle.

We know how rumors get started and we don’t want word getting out that you haven’t matured since high school.

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