Netsmart EHR vs MEDENT EMR 


Netsmart EHR Software

When it comes to EHR software, Netsmart has a lot to offer. Its cloud-based software provides you with the tools you need to manage your patient data effectively. You can also take advantage of the IT management services that are provided to you. This will ensure that you can provide your patients with the quality care they deserve.


NetSmart EHR software is an all-in-one healthcare IT solution. It offers customized services for medical practitioners and staff. This cloud-based EHR solution allows users to access important health data and perform tasks such as scheduling, billing, and coordinating care.

With the rise of mobile devices, NetSmart software is optimized for mobile. Its interface is user-friendly and provides clinicians with detailed patient health records. It also comes with digitized prescription capabilities.

NetSmart’s solutions include integrated practice management, case management, and operational management. These solutions are designed to make the process of delivering care more efficient. Its dashboards allow doctors to monitor key performance indicators and maintain a watch on their staff.

Its EHR and EMR products are bundled together and have been recognized by many industry awards. In fact, more than 30,000 organizations are using its EHR and EMR solutions. The company’s products serve different specialties, including ambulatory and post-acute care.

NetSmart’s cloud-based network enables care providers to connect with each other and collaborate on the most effective treatments. The system is streamlined and customizable, and it helps to improve patient outcomes.

Manages caseloads effectively

Managing caseloads effectively is a key factor in successful patient care. By automating data-entry, tracking patient health, and facilitating health information exchange, Netsmart EHR software helps health providers achieve this goal. Whether it is through a Web-based or desktop application, Netsmart makes it easy to access relevant patient data.

As a leader in healthcare technology, Netsmart offers a wide range of solutions to help home health organizations. The company’s products include an electronic health record, payment solution, and a consumer engagement platform.

CareManager, Netsmart’s Web-based application, facilitates care coordination across different providers and locations. It provides access to clinical and billing data from any Internet-connected device. The company also manages authorizations, claims, and clinical quality measures.

The Netsmart business intelligence solution enables clinicians and administrators to access relevant data at any time, which helps them make more informed decisions. It offers dashboards, data analytics, and customized workflows. It also organizes healthcare data and simplifies communication.

Provides detailed patient health records

Netsmart EHR software provides detailed patient health records. This software transforms the tedious work of collecting patient data into actionable documents that can be easily transmitted and shared with others. Moreover, it also provides healthcare practitioners with a real-time view of their patients.

With Netsmart’s EHR and EMR products, health providers can easily turn patient data into actionable documents that are portable, secure, and ready to share. Moreover, it also streamlines processes to enable practitioners to spend more time on their patients.

Netsmart’s specialty practice solutions are specifically designed to meet the technological needs of specialty care providers. They offer efficient documentation workflows and support compliance with regulations. These solutions are suitable for post-acute and behavioral health settings.

The company’s EHR and EMR products include features such as clinical decision support, case coordination, and preformatted psychiatric notes. They are designed to meet the needs of organizations ranging from small practices to larger ones. In addition, they are available on various platforms.

Offers IT management services

Netsmart is an American-based health IT company that provides health information technology, healthcare information exchange, and IT management services. Its products help more than 600,000 users in over 30,000 organizations across the United States and abroad to deliver care. They work on a variety of hardware and operating systems, including Microsoft Windows and Apple’s iOS and Android devices.

Netsmart’s EHR and EMR products are designed to make it easy to convert healthcare data into actionable documents. They also include support for e-prescribing, order entry, billing and coding, and financial reporting. The company has won several awards for its products.

The company’s Avatar(tm) 2011 software recently completed the first phase of the Meaningful Use criteria. This means that states can provide funding to organizations that adopt certified EHRs.

The company’s EHR and EMR products have been a popular choice for both small and large practices. They are fully integrated and scalable. The product features user forums, knowledge base, and online customer support.


When it comes to choosing a hospital EMR software solution, there are a few things that you should keep in mind. Among these are Meaningful Use certification and Onc-ATCB certification. Plus, it’s important to look at online scheduling and check-in features.

Online Scheduling and Check In

MEDENT EMR software is a comprehensive practice management system that is available to medical providers. It includes ePrescriptions, eVisits, online payment, and a patient portal. It is also a Meaningful Use certified platform that can be deployed on-premise or in the cloud.

The MEDENT EHR platform features an EMR exchange platform that improves administrative efficiency. It supports an HL7 FHIR data model and is also Meaningful Use certified. The user interface is clean and simple to navigate. It also incorporates ambulatory features, such as a bookmark toolbar, as well as built-in dashboards and comparison graphs.

MEDENT offers a patient portal that streamlines patient communication and simplifies billing. Its patient portal features eVisits, ePrescriptions, and a photo. It also offers a dashboard that shows a patient’s health history, a real-time view of messages and payments, and built-in comparison graphs. It also includes a mobile app for iOS and Android.

The MEDENT Direct messaging service supports various input methods, such as voice notes and insurance policy numbers. It also allows for privacy and security. It provides users with a private digital security key.

Onc-ATCB certified

A MEDENT EMR/EHR is one of the best certified products on the market. It provides physicians with a cloud-based suite that includes e-billing, patient scheduling, patient history, events, comparison graphs, and more. It also includes a patient insurance policy and a patient portal.

MEDENT is a medical software company that offers a suite of products to help medical providers increase efficiency and quality of care. It is based in New York and Pennsylvania and has been in business since 1968. Its EMR/EHR solutions can be installed in individual modules or a complete package. The company is part of the Medical Group Management Association.

The Office of National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC) tests EMR software and releases a list of tested and certified products. This list is called the “Certified HIT Products List.” The list is updated as more EHR technologies become certified. The list is a good place to start researching which healthcare technology may be best for your practice.

Streamline Workflows

MEDENT EMR software is a complete practice management and patient scheduling system that has a wide variety of features and reports. A companion mobile app has also been developed for easier access to your office records on the go.

The MEDENT system includes several impressive innovations including a video visit feature and ePrescription. It can help cut down on waiting times and make the prescription process more environmentally friendly. The system also accommodates two different reimbursement schemes, and helps practices optimize revenue cycles.

The MEDENT system has been designed with efficiency in mind, and allows physicians to customize their documentation processes. For example, the system enables a HIPAA-compliant video communication. The software can also link with eSuperbill and eSuperbill to make bill-paying more convenient.

The MEDENT system has a number of other features that stand out, including the ability to generate comparison graphs. The system can also assist with MACRA compliance and electronic prior authorization requests. In addition to this, MEDENT offers a cash pay discount card for eligible medications.

Meaningful Use certification

Meaningful Use is a program that promotes quality patient care and safety. It is an initiative of the HITECH Act. It encourages the widespread adoption of EHR systems. It helps improve the delivery of care and reduces the administrative burden of using information.

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) manages the Meaningful Use program. It allows eligible professionals to earn incentive payments for demonstrating the use of certified EHR technology. However, there are penalties if a provider fails to meet the requirements. This includes the possibility of reduced Medicare reimbursements.

MEDENT offers a Meaningful Use certified platform that supports multiple input methods. It also provides a specialized dashboard for tracking progress. It features e-Prescribing, E-Visits, and more. The system was built with reliability and efficiency in mind.

MEDENT software can be hosted on-premise or in the cloud. It has a patient portal, e-Visits, online payment capabilities, and more. Its self-service portal is a secure environment that enables users to make appointments and check in patients.

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