Orbeez Stress Balls For Stress And Anxiety

Orbeez Stress Balls are the perfect way to relieve stress and anxiety. Made from natural latex, they’re also completely safe and hypoallergenic, making them ideal for people with sensitive skin or allergies.

Designed to be small enough to fit in your hand, these Orbeez stress balls can be squeezed in both hands at once or by one hand, giving you customized relief based on how you feel the most comfortable holding them.


How are Orbeez Stress Balls Different?

Orbeez balls are small colorful balls that stick together when they come into contact with water. The combination of color, texture, size, weight, shape and ability to stick together makes them a great choice to relieve stress. Orbeez stress balls aren’t just fun to play with; they’re also scientifically proven as an effective way to deal with depression or anxiety.

Scientific studies have shown that Orbeez stress balls can help reduce stress by 68%. With many Americans suffering from excessive amounts of stress in their lives it can be hard for them to relax enough to take full advantage of their down time. Introducing an Orbeez stress ball is a great way to make sure those you care about get adequate relaxation time at work or home.

They Keep You Occupied

An Orbeez Stress Ball is a great toy to have around. They keep your hands busy while providing endless fun with nearly endless possibilities. You can use them to relieve stress or just occupy your hands while watching TV or relaxing in front of a fire. There’s no end to what you can do with an Orbeez Stress Ball because they can be used wet or dry, heated or cooled, and rolled, tossed, squeezed and pressed in any number of ways! Each ball is safe for all ages.

Kids love them as toys as well as tools to improve hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills and tactile development. Adults love them as desktop office organizers—for pens, scissors, paper clips…or just about anything else you need within easy reach!

They Can Reduce Anxiety

One study found that a pair of Orbeez stress balls—one in each hand—could reduce anxiety in people with social phobia by up to 50%. The researchers suggested that squeezing them could help to divert attention away from difficult or stressful situations. However, keep in mind that research on Orbeez stress balls as an anti-anxiety treatment is still very preliminary.

Some people also claim to find them useful for stress and reducing symptoms of depression. However, there’s currently no scientific evidence to back these claims up. So, if you’re feeling anxious or depressed it’s best to see your doctor rather than rely on squishy stress balls! If you are interested to know about how to deal with anxiety and panic attacks, read our guide on this topic.

What Color Are Orbeez Stress Balls?

Orbeez stress balls come in a variety of colors, with their original opaque color becoming increasingly lighter in subsequent batches. More recently, transparent colors have begun to appear as well. The colors available seem to depend on where you live, as certain stores stock different colors in different areas of North America.

Orbeez Stress Balls

If you’re not seeing your favorite color (or if you just want a general overview), try visiting OrbeeTec’s website—the company that produces Orbeez stress balls—and clicking on Features. A box will pop up with an array of colored Orbeez ready for your choosing; all that’s left is to select your desired color and click on Add To Cart.

Are These Stress Toys Good for Kids?

Kids love sensory toys. Give them something that feels good in their hands, and they’ll be occupied for hours at a time. With Orbeez stress toys, your kids can have stress-relieving entertainment at all times. You won’t even have to worry about them breaking other stuff around your house—because these stress toys are so darned cute! The best part?

Most stress toys are less than a dollar each, making them a totally affordable option. They come in lots of different colors and shapes too, giving you plenty of options to choose from! The only question is: which one do you want first?

How Big Are Orbeez Stress Balls?

The Orbeez stress balls are about half an inch wide. They’re large enough to fit in your hand comfortably, but not too big that they won’t fit in your pocket or purse if you want to take them with you.

They’re also soft enough that even kids will enjoy playing with them, though we wouldn’t recommend letting them squeeze them too hard! One downside is that they only come in one color, so you might want to purchase more than one set if you plan on using different colors for different purposes.

Where Can I Buy This Stress Ball?

Stress is one of those things that’s going to happen in life. It doesn’t matter if you’re extremely organized or a meticulous planner, everybody feels stress at some point or another.

So, why not own up to it? Orbeez stress toys are a great way to have fun with your stress, because when you squeeze these tiny little jelly-like beads of joy they bounce back into their original shape! You can literally squish them as much as you want and they won’t lose their roundness like other stress relievers do. So, where can I buy these Orbeez stress balls? All you need to do is go to Amazon where they sell out fast or search for orbeez on eBay.

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